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Bramma Partners With Hype TV For New Reality Series

Days after hosting a listening party allowing members of the entertainment fraternity and a few close friends to hear some of his upcoming material for the new year, Dancehall artiste Bramma ‘Di Gorilla’ is certainly stepping up his game for 2016.

The ‘Cha Cha Boy’ singer recently inked a partnership deal with popular cable television outlet Hype TV to air his new reality series ‘Gorilla Chronicles’. The series now in its sixth episode archives his musical journeys throughout Jamaica and the expanse of the world showcasing all the perils and challenges associated with the entertainment industry.

Later this week Bramma is scheduled to release ‘Morning Jamaica’ his first official single from his cadre of new material. The single will also be accompanied by an official video currently being shot.

In a statement to the media Bramma explains,

“I’ve grown a lot in terms of lyrics, delivery. For 2016, I feel like I’m on top of my game. Oftentimes mi put out songs and mi feel like dem get overlooked. In the latter part of my career, I feel like I’ve been working extremely hard, but people would always be commenting that they weren’t hearing from me. So I decided to host a listening party to show that I’ve been putting in the work,” he said.

In relation to the reality series he added, “Big up to Johann Dawes. They took on this project and have been airing The Gorilla Chronicles on Friday nights at10:00. This show basically entails the lifestyle of Bramma. People can now see a different side of the Gorilla Boss,”

With tracks such as GGOD, Birds of a Feather, Call The Police and Morning Jamaica, Bramma is promising an exciting year for his fans.

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