Authors Connecting


Tropicalfete’s authors’ connecting program, which takes place annually in June, is designed to emphasize the importance of literacy and how culture can influence education, as well as one’s worldview. Authors engage in workshops allowing participants to ask questions and attend a reading with the author. The platform brings together authors from various backgrounds, genres, and stages of their writing careers to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. It is designed to create a supportive community where authors can connect, interact with readers, and potentially collaborate on projects or events.

The primary goal of our authors connecting program is to provide a space for authors to interact, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the craft of writing and the publishing industry. The program may be organized as a series of events, workshops, conferences, online forums, and so forth.

Our Authors Connecting program aims to foster a sense of community, provide opportunities for growth and collaboration, and empower authors in their writing journeys. By bringing authors together, these programs create an environment where knowledge is shared, connections are made, and new opportunities for growth and success emerge.

 If you wish to join our author’s connecting program, please provide the following information via email at or call us at 646 504 3383. Please submit your information no later than April of every year. 

  • Your name 
  • Your contact information
  • Your address (Interviews can be done both virtually or in person)
  • The name of your book
  • Your book cover
  • Your headshot