A book every West Indian should read…

“Life of an artist,” is a nonfiction biography about Franklyn V. E. Seales. He’s known for his acting in the sitcoms Silver Spoons as the business manager, and in Amen as Lorenzo the music minister. He also lit up the silver screen for his role in The Onion Field, co-starring James Woods and Ted Danson. There’re so many excellent works featuring Franklyn Seales in the world of movies, but the real story is his journey to stardom.
The book gives us a narrative account of Franklyn by his siblings who interacted with him on a daily basis during his childhood. From that tender young age his siblings sensed that he was special and that he danced to the beat of a different drummer. His script to follow in life was internal; it was like he already knew his purpose for being here.
In the book, one learns that he was a native son of St Vincent, growing up in the culture and lifestyle of dialect, toting water, cricket, picking mango, hunting crab, coconut oil, and mosquito bites.

There’re many instances that give the reader humorous accounts in Franklyn’s life and at the same time the inspiration of the journey can be felt, which leaves many to wonder “How did a West Indian person slip through the cracks of red tape, intimidation blossomed with a successful acting career in Hollywood?”
Not only was he an actor, there were other talents he exhibited and developed. All these accounts are embedded in this amazing memoir.
This story will inspire many regardless of the path in life they presently follow. It can and will build the confidence in the hearts of those who intend to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

The Author:
Jean M. Dorsinville is a retired executive, like many of his generation, is a member of the Haitian Diaspora who left the Motherland in the mid fifties to join his parents in New York where his father was named his country’s ambassador to the United Nations.
His formative years were spent at the College de Saint Laurent in Montreal under the aegis of the Holy Cross Fathers. His undergraduate studies followed at New York University where he earned a degree in Economics.
After graduation, he married Vincentian born Leslie B. Seales in 1965 and is proud parents of Natasha and Dimitri, and grandparents of twins, boy and girl, Nadia and Benjamin IV.

Life of an Artist is a recommended read, it’s a story to celebrate and internalize. The story and achievements of Franklyn V. E. Seales must be told!

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