• Authors Connecting
    A program designed to emphasize the importance of literacy and how culture can influence education, as well as one’s world view. Authors engage in workshops allowing participants to ask questions and attend a reading with the author.
  • Tropicalfete’s Countdown
    Our Chart and event shows the diversity and the creativity of Caribbean people around the World and most of all their impact on the global audience.
  • Tropicalfete’s Award of Excellence
    The award honors the accomplishments & contributions of persons and/or organizations that have had a roll in the development of the Caribbean Community.
  • Spirit of the Arts Award
    Award was established to pay respect to the body of work of an individual whose work can be considered as immortal in the area of arts. Hence, the awardees have inspired generations and will continue to inspirer generations in future.
  • Tropicalfete Concert Series
    The Concert aims to engage artists in promotions through public concerts and musical show casings. Talented artists of varying genres will be given the opportunity to join Tropicalfete in producing a concert series familiarizing the public with new artists.
  • The Art of Photography and Videography
    A program created to support the artistic endeavors of youth and young adults in entertainment media and the arts.
  • Resource Center
    Artists, as creative professionals sometimes foresee a mountainous task to reach the pinnacle of their career. Tropicalfete serves as a resource center to assist artist and giving them the tools for them to succeed. Our Service helps develop creative persons to a successful and meaningful creative practice in the context of the wider professional World. Image consulting, networking, marketing, exploring opportunities for artist to financially benefit from their work and develop into a career. We offer one-on-one sessions to help artist clarify their goals, identify their skills, and access concrete resources about creative practices and exporting their creation to the market place.
  • Body of Vibration (Limbo, Dance and Theatre)
    The dance program forms as a bridge between cultural expression and communication to the outside world. The dance program explores the indigenous aspects of dances authentic to the Caribbean.
  • Legal Counsel
    Designed specifically to educate emerging artists about the business aspect of the industry. This program pairs entertainment lawyers with young artists who are on the brink of emerging, or, who have already debuted.
  • Masquerade Center / Carnival  
    People are engaged in masquerade costumes projects that detail the history associated with the celebration, and the relevance of the culture and traditions in today’s global community.