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This years awards goest to… Tropicalfete will be honoring Richie Richardson – The Designing Mind with the Tropicalfete Award of Excellence. Richie’s work covers multiple genres & disciplines. Curating art exhibits, Fashion, Masquerade Carnival, Theatre and Halloween. Hundreds of Logos, original T- shirt designs and New York Subway campaigns. The presentation of the award will be at Tropicalfete top 100 Countdown of the top international Caribbean songs for the year at Negril Village Caribbean Restaurant • Lounge 70 West 3rd Street, New York, New York Thursday December 5th 2013. Tropicalfete’sRead More
Its the secret to the effervescent joy in the faces of our children, the melodic movement of our women, and the unfailing humor within our men. We in Trinidad and Tobago have discovered the true meaning of happiness in life. In fact it was no surprise that the UNSDSN’s World Happiness Report for 2013 ranked us as the happiest country in the Caribbean, and the 31st in the world. Especially with factors like ‘someone to count on’, ‘generousity’, ‘healthy life expectancy’ and the ‘freedom to make life choices’ being usedRead More
Jamaican based, Trinidadian artist, Khalfani who became known after he collaborated with Mikey General on the remix of “Ms Taylor Bwoy” has made a startling change to his image and sound. When asked what the reason for the transformation was, Khalfani wrote the following. TRINI STATE OF MIND: For the most part my state of mind remains unchanged and as for my transformation, it is primarily of a physical nature. Yes I appear different to the naked eye, but for those who have truly come to know Khalfani, I amRead More
NY: Close your eyes and imagine a packed church crusade in full effect in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica in the 1990s. A most unusual occurrence is taking place on stage. A charming and captivating seven-year old is given the microphone to sing, and his tender voice loaded with youthful innocence ravishes the audience. One woman faints as the infant’s song peals throughout the worship session. Churchgoers are captivated by this gifted youth and his jaw-dropping performance. Fast forward to 2013 and the seven year old youth at the crusade, Leighton Miller,Read More
U.S.A, JA – Alexus Rose proudly debuts her first and much anticipated video for her hit single “Left Out”. Shot on location in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, the video was produced and directed by renowned billboard chart topping producer Ricky Blaze and co-directed by Johnny Rose. On “Left Out” it is apparent that the songstress was inspired by her city of Brooklyn’s melting pot of multi-cultural sounds by fusing pop and reggae. In a previous statement released to the media, Alexus Rose speaks of the experience byRead More
New music video “Kita Nago” featuring Izolan is the first release off Carimi’s forthcoming album Invasion, due out on Nov 1st, 2013 (available on Itunes, CD bady and more) “Change…People are afraid of change but in a constantly evolving world change is inevitable. CaRiMi is taking a step forward with a fresh look, and an innovative sound. The Invasion Begins Now.” Carimi Watch Video Here:Read More