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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • History In The Making- Water Taxi To Sail For Inferno Fete!

    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. January 18, 2012——- In what is definitely a first for fete lovers and the population of Trinidad and Tobago in general, the water taxi will sail from San Fernando, stopping at the Port-of-Spain dock on Wrightson Road before continuing to Chaguaramas to the benefit of patrons attending what is being touted as the best fete to start the weekend on January 27th. This is the latest development from organisers of HOTT 93FM’s Inferno- an event that features Machel Montano and the HD band in a two- hour long stage show.

    The vessel will leave the Southland at 8pm, stopping in Port-of-Spain at 9pm, before continuing on a 20-minute journey to Chaguaramas. Patrons interested in this service are being asked to get their tickets early at outlets inclusive of Bang Bang, San Fernando and Port-of-Spain and TT Surf, Gulf View, to ensure that their accommodation is made. This is history in the making as the sailing will work only to the benefit of patrons of this particular fete, all of whom must present their pre-purchased tickets to board the vessel. Tickets purchased include a return sailing at 4am with shuttle services being provided both on arrival in Chaguaramas and on departure from the Pier II venue.

    Meanwhile, newcomer Erphaan Alves who has been coming in for high praise continuously since he first hit the stage at the beginning of the season will be among the cast of soca superstars at this massive event. It’s no surprise that the young entertainer whose flamboyant on-stage stride is the topic of much talk this season and it’s also no surprise that he’s the man with quite possibly the tightest schedule this carnival. Patrons heading to Inferno will be privy to Erphaan’s incredible stage show, and so promoters are calling on everyone to get their tickets early.
    Alves is just one great entertainer amid a cast of artistes, which includes Machel Montano and the HD Band, Kes The Band and Dil E Nadan. His hit single, In Your Eyes has been heating up the airwaves since December 2011 and with that incessant, yet sweet sound penetrating day and night, it’s no wonder that he’s a part of this cast, carded to truly entertain party lovers on show night.

    On another note, parking and security, according to organisers have been taken care of with two car parks having already been secured at Williamsbay and Chagville, for patrons attending Inferno only. “ We understand that it is important for patrons to feel comfortable leaving their vehicles parked outside a fete. For that reason we are making sure that all Inferno fetters who present their tickets to security at both car parks, are able to leave their vehicles behind with a sense of ease,” said one organiser.

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  • COCA-COLA RHYTHM Coca-Cola for Carnival

    COCA-COLA LAUNCHES THE 2012 COCA-COLA RHYTHM Coca-Cola has released the second official Coca-Cola Rhythm in time for Carnival 2012. The rhythm features an all star line up on a groovy soca beat developed by Kernal Roberts. Coca-Cola has always been a refreshing delight to people all across the globe since 1886. The 2012 Coca-Cola Rhythm builds on the optimistic refreshment platform which embodies Coke’s Open Happiness mantra. This new rhythm features an amazing group of artistes including: Benjai, Lil Bitts, Umi Marcano, Screws and Devon Matthews. Their talent brought to life the Rhythm objective – to share happiness, build excitement and really enjoy Carnival as Trinbangonians do with Soca Music. According to Franchise Brand Manager, Mr. Roberto Lapeira, “Coca-Cola is pleased to have to opportunity to share its second Carnival Rhythm with Trinidad and Tobago. We are always trying to find innovative ways to really connect with the public and with the success of the last rhythm, we knew we had to bring something even more amazing this year. Kernal Roberts took the challenge and brought a fantastic, new groovy soca sound that includes our trademark Coca-Cola five tones and makes you want to dance in the street this Carnival.” The Carnival 2012 Coca-Cola Rhythm Music will be available for download at

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  • Karma ‘Rises’ to the occasion with Carnival 2K12 Debut

    POS, Trinidad: Carnival 2012 is in full swing in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the festival flood gates have been flung open by an onslaught of new music releases, social events and seasonal competitions. Nevertheless, the members of Caribbean music band, Karma have remained focussed on their objective to bring forth world class entertainment to both the Chutney and Soca markets. This was evidenced by the band’s recent performances this past weekend.

    Last Saturday evening Karma ignited the Maracas Night Club (formerly Club Sting) at the event “Ravi B Saturday” where patrons were treated to a delightful mix of Chutney, Soca, Bollywood and Hindi classics. Although headlined by the former Chutney-Soca Monarch and his band mates, Ravi B Saturday showcased the talents of Chutney music’s elite with appearances by Drupatee, Hunter, Rick Ramoutar and Fusion, Rasika Dindial and Rakesh Yankaran. Much to the audience’s delight, this event also marked the first performance in 9 years from Holland-based Chutney superstar Ashni.

    Karma made their presence felt the following day as they made their 2012 Carnival fete debut at the premium all inclusive “Xotique 2” held at the Rise in Chaguanas. The versatile crossover band brought the sunshine on a rainy day with a vibrant musical set which kept all in attendance ceaselessly jumping and waving.

    Vocalists Ravi B, Nisha and Gregory had the younger members of the crowd moving to modern day Soca hits such as Kerwin Dubois’ “Bacchanalist”, Shal Marshal’s “Trouble” and the 2011 road march anthem “Advanatge” and pleased the more mature party goers with renditions of classics including The Mighty Duke’s “Thunder” and Colin Lucas’ “Dollar Wine”. Most notable on the Karma set was the overwhelming audience reaction to Ravi’s latest offering “Granny” which is currently heating up the nation’s airwaves.

    The youthful, musically diverse Karma, which recently concluded a tour in Guyana is already booked for several events throughout this year’s Carnival season and beyond which includes more all inclusives, cooler fetes and major concert performances.
    The band members have assured that fans can expect nothing less than supreme energy in this new year.

    To keep up to date with Karma’s latest music and happenings log onto:

    Follow Ravi B on Facebook:

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  • VP Records Releases Singing Melody’s ‘They Call Me Mr. Melody

    (Kingston, Jamaica – January 17th, 2012)
    Just like the crescendo musicians give listeners at the height of a song, Singing Melody has built the same effect leading up to the release of his 6th studio album ‘They Call Me Mr. Melody’ which is available in stores and online today, Tuesday January 17th, 2012 through VP Records!
    Beginning with his album launch at ‘Plug n Play’ (at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica) on Friday January 13th, Singing Melody personally delivered audio of what fans can expect on his album.
    With his star power shining brightly, Melody performed his hit lead single “Collide,” and added “Time Wasted,” his second single, as well as “Smile” featuring Dancehall veteran URoy. Melody had all in the palm of his hands causing one journalist to note “based on the crowd response, his album should sell well!” Media outlets from Jamaica, and the US such as Reuters, Billboard, Sunsplash Media and several others attended the launch including media from The Netherlands, Germany and Slovenia.
    Throughout January and February, Melody will be on the road promoting the album, which will include album signings in select cities in the US, the Caribbean and the UK.

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  • Here It Is: Latest News & Music From Capsicum Records LLC

    Avalanche of “Pull-Up” Requests for Cuban Cohiba’s ‘Born On Third Base’ Runs Out The Clock
    On Capsicum CEO’s Live Interview with reggaeairways/kronikradio DJ Raven on November 20

    (Manchester, U.K.) “I’ve been in this business for 34 years and it’s the first time I’ve ever had an interview come to an end quite like this one,” says Capsicum CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer, “and certainly not in an international forum.”

    DJ Raven and Meltzer had discussed her interest in doing a set devoted to Capsicum Records LLC songs and artists for Sunday November 20 on her weekly broadcast. The show is carried on and and is now also simulcast on 100.7-FM in Manchester U.K. and UFDV 87.9-FM in Kingston, Jamaica.

    DJ Raven

    “Raven told me that like many other DJs, she gets tired of playing the same artists year in and year out, and what she enjoys most is the opportunity to introduce her listeners to new talent. We arranged for a ‘skype’ link so she could conduct a live interview with me during the set, so I could fill in the backstory behind the various selections she wanted to play.

    “Earlier she had asked me if there was anything I especially wanted to focus on, but with all the talented artists who have worked so hard to put product on our label I told her to just play her favorites from the inaugural “Reggae In-Fusion Album #1″ or from the singles we have released since then,and I would ad lib my commentary. I had no idea which songs she would play, so it was like going to a pot luck dinner where you don’t what they’re serving but you know the food’s all good,” Meltzer explained. “I’d hear the first few bars of a song playing in the background and introduce the song and the artist on the fly.”

    As the broadcast began, Raven told her listeners to call in on a special number, let the phone ring once and then hang up if they wanted her to “pull up” (replay) the song currently being played.

    “Raven’s choice of Cuban Cohiba’s “Born On Third Base” – surprised me, as I would have expected her to play Cuban’s other song on the album – “Enuf Is Enough” – an indictment of gun violence that features bits of commentary from world-renowned Shabba Ranks, and which became very popular during the social unrest in Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston in 2010,” explained Meltzer.

    “Several other reggae artists had declined to record ‘Third Base’, a fusion of folk, funk and reggae, insisting that reggae fans were passionate about cricket and soccer, and wouldn’t understand or relate to the central baseball metaphor – “born on third base and swore he hit a triple”. While it was actually football coach Barry Switzer who coined the phrase to describe one of his own self-centered players, the song really has nothing to do with baseball or football or any other sport; I used it to depict how wealth and privilege perpetuate themselves with social capital, and the arrogance that engenders. I had W. Bush in mind when I co-wrote it with Anthony and co-produced it with Joseph and was always grateful for and delighted by Cuban’s enthusiasm for the song and the ‘attitude’ he brought to it.

    Cuban Cohiba

    “As Raven is British, I was thrilled when she started playing it during her show while I was on-air with her. Then, midway through the song, the one-ring pull-up calls started, and just kept coming. At first Raven would patiently play out the song and then re-start it. After a while, she’d just stop whenever a one ring call came in, and would re-start the song right there. She finally had to tell her listeners she was out of time, and promised to dedicate another show to Capsicum Records with Meltzer online very soon.”

    “Of course I’ve heard of someone ‘stopping the show,’ and I’ve been to stage shows where the audience just won’t let a performer end his set without endless encores, but I’ve never heard this happen on a radio program before — certainly not to me. I called Cuban afterwards and he said it was first for him, too. We were as dumbfounded as we were flattered. He told me the song is always a big hit at his concerts.

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    Tobago based soca artiste Tele Cruz has amped up the promotion of his latest single Sweat with the release of the accompanying music video. The video was shot on location in Tobago at a mansion villa as well as at Cruz Cocktail Bar and Bistro. Additional scenes were shot at the famous Back Bay beach in Tobago.

    In a release to the media, Tele Cruz outlined the concept of the scorching new video. ‘The story behind my new video is basically having a good time whenever you party or whine with the same anticipation as you are working out in the gym. It’s not supposed to be glamorous but just rough fun and letting loose, similar to what carnival is all about”, said Tele Cruz.

    Sweat was directed by Swedish producer Neil Luckz of 4Sons Entertainment. Luckz has worked mainly with international artistes from England, Sweden and the USA.

    The video features a plethora of cultural melting pot. The extras comprised persons from Grenada, the UK, Sweden and the US.

    Said Tele Cruz ‘We all came together to show how we party in the Caribbean which was great fun”.

    Asked what fans can expect from the video, Tele Cruz was quick to point out “My fans can expect an international view of the same carnival we all love so much. During carnival, people come together from all over the world to celebrate and have fun together. Therefore, everyone can recognize themselves in this video and we all know that whining is a great deal of carnival”.

    The feedback to the single Sweat has been overwhelming to date. It has been enjoying rotation all over the Caribbean as well as in Jamaica, Europe and North America.

    Tele Cruz has a hectic schedule lined up for the Soca season. “I have several performances coming up. As a matter of a fact my schedule is full every single week until carnival Monday and Tuesday. After that I’ll be heading overseas to England and Sweden to continue promoting other songs that will be released in time summer”, said Tele Cruz.

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  • It’s ‘All R Nuttin’ for Empress Tashai

    Connecticut-based reggae singer, Empress Tashai, is hellbent on making the year 2012 her time to shine. As she says with her characteristic rapid gesticulations, “This year it’s all or nutten for me and the music.”

    The Rastafarian Empress, who has been engaged in singing and song-writing for a minute, is particularly quick on the draw as it relates to sharing information on herself and stablemates. She spares no time in naming out the members of her outfit, All R Nutten Family, with whom she recently released a collaboration single, Praise God. Those involved with the song are Singah Mike, Ras Jahtah, Oneil Silvah, Jungleman and Empress Tashai.

    An inspirational song, the title alone begs the question, ‘why not Praise Jah?’ since the artistes involved all lean towards Rastafarianism.

    “This is a universal single and God is a universal being whether we say God or Jah. We want to reach out not just to Rastafarians, but also to a lot of other people, whether you go to church or not — Christian, sinner, Jew or Gentile,” Empress Tashai, the multi-talented spokesperson for the group states.

    She pointed out that the members of the All R Nutten Family each have their solo careers as secular artistes, but they took the time to work on this project which is meaningful to all of them. “Although we are based in Connecticut, we are all from Jamaica and we will always say One Love. The new year is usually a time of reflection and give thanks for life, so that’s what we are doing with the single, Praise God,” the artiste said of the single which was produced by Third Floor Productions.

    Empress Tahsai, who is also a disc jockey on 106.5 FM in Connecticut noted that Praise God has been enjoying great rotation, especially in the States, and added that she also hosts the All R Nutten Showcase for two hours once per week. This, she points out, is a legitimate way for the artistes to get their songs played on radio and build their fan base.

    While pushing her solo career with conscious singles including No Weapon and Better Tomorrow, Empress Tashai doubles as a fashion designer with Gillepsie Fashions. “We are the ones who designed Macka Diamond’s Money-O suit,” disclosed the entrepreneur as she showed off her most recent achievement, the 2011 Most Creative Enterprise Award from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

    Empress Tashai expressed the hope that Jamaica will show Praise God “a whole heap of love”, as they prepare to shoot a video for the single.

    The All R Nutten Family is managed by Danny Peeces and also includes Empress Basahani.

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  • From Follow The Arrow to Sting..Teflon reflects back on 2011

    2011 has been a whirlwind for dancehall/reggae artist Teflon. After a somewhat turbulent past few years, Teflon finally is in a happy and blessed frame of mind.

    In 2011 Teflon made his presence seen all over Jamaica by performing on stage shows like Follow The Arrow, ST Mary Mi Come from GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza and Sting. Of course he also showed love to his fans by several club appearances where he mixed and mingled while delighting the crowd with several hits.

    2011 was also the year where Teflon finally returned to Canada, and took advantage of his second home by filming the video “Blessed” a Black Ice Productions. His European and African Tour were rescheduled for 2012 because of prior conflict of interest with his end of year shows in Jamaica. He wants his International fans to know that he will be there sooner than later and thank them for all the love and patience.

    Teflon hit the music charts with several production such as “Matey Anthem” riddim by Pure Music Productions, “That’s Life & Jan Nuh let me go” by Gt production and Romiech production, and was blessed to voice on riddims for producers like Ward21, Skitta, Cashflow, Breadback, Delly ranks, Bigship, Tenament Yard and Computer Paul. His many collaborations included Capleton/King Shango “Same Struggle”, Chezedek “Rise Again”, Stevie face “Sha La Laa” and Marlon Binns “So Much Trouble”.
    Reflecting on this past year Teflon admits that he made a few mistake and learned hard lessons from them, but feels blessed to be able to do and share what he loves “Jah bless me and through the struggle I will rise”.

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  • Covers For Reggae Lovers Volume 3

    The singles “Firework” By Tessanne Chin, “Sunday Morning” By L.U.S.T., and “Come Go With Me” By Taddy P Ft. Evin Lake

    Covers for Reggae Lovers 3 features 16 pop & R&B radio hits performed by some of the genre’s most exciting new voices. The collection showcases a variety of musical styles influencing contemporary reggae and presents emerging reggae artists you’ll want to hear again. Featured performers include; Tessanne Chin in an explosive version of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’. Plus, reggae super group L.U.S.T. harmonizing to the Maroon 5 hit ‘Sunday Morning’.

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  • Patexx A.N.G Hires new PR Team

    Kingston, Jamaica Starting off the year right is what’s Dancehall artiste Patexxx is all about. The Jamaica based artiste has hired Mpr Consulting & Shuzzr PR & Entertainment to handle his Bookings and Public Relations thrust.

    This move, the artiste stated, “is in the best interest of my career” as he aims to position or align it on the right track that will garner success. Patexx is a member of the Alliance Next Generation group (A.N.G) which is under the direction of Dancehall Stalwart Bounty Killer.

    The artiste has done several singles and collaborations such as “Cook” on TGIF Riddim (Copper shot production); “Born suh” on Intensity Riddim (Chimney Production); “Neva switch” on One Wish Riddim (Baby G Production); “Party Mi Say” Ft. ZJ Liquid and “Summer Time” Ft Bounty Killer.
    The team is on a drive to promote and make the artiste’s presence known whilst catering to his international & local fan base. Look out for promotional appearances to be done on both the local and international circuit.
    Please note all official bookings (Dub Plates, Performance ect) should be made through the contact provided below.

    Follow the artist on Facebook/Patexxx; Twitter: @patexxxanydaynow

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  • WASA fete

    Trinidad. January 13, 2012—— Eager to give the people of East Trinidad and environs an unforgettable taste of true carnival enjoyment, organisers of this year’s annual WASA Fete are promising that nothing will be spared in achieving their ultimate goal. The aim is to generate a buzz and essentially a level of patron support that is unparalleled to recent years, and this year promotional outfit, Tri Star Promotions is certain of a massive showing. “People miss the real feting spirit and these are the only fetes where you can get that,” said a spokesman for the team. The outfit is bringing the top entertainers of the season to the WASA sports grounds on Saturday, February 4th and they have also booked dancehall king, Beenie Man for the event. Beenie Man, as almost everyone already knows, is no stranger to the world of Soca .

    From Kerwin Du Bois to young Erphaan Alves and new soca sensation, K-Rich, WASA will offer a number of seasoned artistes, not withstanding the budding entertainers, the opportunity to show off their talent before a massive crowd of Trinbagonians and visitors alike. “ Many people still understand the need to host fetes like WASA. It keeps de t’ing going,” said one organiser, referring to the authentic Carnival vibe and energy.

    Each year, the spirit of carnival is felt at WASA Fete with fete fanatics dressing in their street wear and leaving the heels and fancy clothing at home. They often opt for comfort-wear, donning sneakers, shorts and tees and no one ever leaves their ‘rags’ and bandanas at home. “ In 2012, WASA will be just what the people remember feting to be. We are showcasing the best entertainers of the season. Artistes like Bunji, Fay Ann and Asylum, Destra and her band, Shurwayne and Y.O.U., Blaxx and Roy Cape and the All Stars, Dil-E-Nadan and so many other big names, will be there,” highlighted the promoter.

    An early bird $150 General admission ticket special started on Friday, January 13, however patrons are warned that tickets will go up in one week’s time. “ This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest cast in any carnival fete this season so people can expect a really big show on February 4th. We are also making sure that security is of the highest priority this year. We will not spare a dime in ensuring that everyone is safe at this year’s WASA Fete,” said the spokesman.

    Tri-Star Promotions, which is also hosting the annual Licensing Fete on January 28th, one week prior to WASA Fete, has maintained its social media presence, utilizing ET-CET-ERA The Company and for the online promotion of its events. For more on WASA Fete, patrons can log on to Facebook- keyword WASA Fete 2K12. The event is also listed with details at

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  • Maxi Priest Performing Live

    Western Union in association with Jammins Entertainment, Shell Cartel, and Sugarcane presents CLOSER TO YOU: The Concert with MAXI PRIEST performing LIVE, Valentines Day Weekend Saturday February 11, 2012 at Pulse 48(Formerly C-PAC). Pulse 48 is located at 1020 E 48th Street (corner of Farragut Road), Brooklyn, NY 11203. Doors open at 10pm, Showtime 12:30am
    Maxi Priest over the course of 10 albums and countless live performances all over the globe, has unleashed a barrage of music that heals, rejuvenates and uplifts the spirit with such hits as “Woman in You”, “Wild World”, “That Girl”, “Set the Night To Music” and his 1990 US chart topping hit “Close To You”; solidifying his place in reggae music history. He has also worked alongside reggae legends Beres Hammond, Sly & Robbie and most notably his monster collaboration with Grammy-Award winner for Reggae, Shabba Ranks. Both collaborated on the hit single “House Call (Body Can’t Lie to Me)”.
    Advance tickets: GA – $35 and VIP – $60. Tickets are available at Pulse 48 box Office or online at and For more information and to purchase tickets please contact 718.282.8041 and 646.434.5390
    Ticket Outlets
    CPAC Box Office 1020 East 48 Strret (Farragut Rd) 718-282-8041
    Ali’s Roti Shop 1267 Fulton Street ( Arlington Pl & Nostrand Ave) 718-462-1730
    C and J Restaurant ,817 Utica Ave,Brooklyn, NY 11203, 718-345-0151
    Stylz Barbershop 4501 Church Ave 718-282-9634
    Faye & Kings Restaurant 1417 Flatbush Avenue 718-940-1129
    Finish Touch Barbershop 1417 Flatbush Avenue 516-455-2900
    Totally Delicious Rest. 9404 Avenue L (718) 209-3562
    JW Records 2833 Church Ave 718-693-9261
    Conrads Bakery 299 299 Utica Avenue (Union St) 718-773-8266
    Sally’s Rest. 1574 Ralph Avenue 718-451-5271
    Tasty Delicious Rest. 1096 Rutland Rd 718-221-1222
    Topaz Rest. 428 E 48th Street 718-444-7070
    Unique Travel 3220 Church Ave 718-693-1500
    Sugarcane Restaurant,238 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217,718-230-3954
    Genesis Rest. 163-23 Hillside Ave 718-739-8443
    The Door Rest. 163-07 Baisley Blvd (Guy Brewer Blvd) 718-525-1083
    VP Records 171-21 Jamaica Ave 718-297-5802
    Moodies Records 3976 White Plains Road 718-654-8368
    People’s Choice Furniture 3411 Boston Road & Wilson 718-231-6060

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  • Scrappy Doing it Big in the UK with Tropical Storm Soca Band

    International Soca Artist Scrappy was in Londonw making history on Friday 13th, 2012. The Award winning event SOCA FRENZY hosted their first time ever a live band at the monthly Soca Frenzy event held at Scala night club, Kings Cross, London. Scrappy has been on the soca scene as a solo artist since 2005 with his debut song Always Home which was written and produced by himself. Scrappy has since then went on to make moves by performing in Germany, Toronto, Antigua, Manchester & Montserrat just to name a few. The newly formed band, Tropical Storm will be making their London debut and making sure that the UK soca market knows very well that we have a locally based band that can create that caribbean party atmosphere to remind us of how fortunate we are of being West Indians.

    Scrappy want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to show some support to my band Tropical Storm on our London debut at Soca Frenzy, Glow Fete on Friday 13th January 2012. Please click the youtube link to get a sneak peak of the performance. for more information please follow on

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    Ibiza Rave meets Trini Carnival in an ultra musical explosion of riotous energy for this MadMen produced, mixed, and mastered spirited road hit.
    Kees Dieffenthaller and Michelle Xavier combine to give you permission to rock the road with “Head Bad”. This delicious recipe of talent and sheer power was not one the Soca world saw coming but its final outcome will be one that is never forgotten.
    A true masquerader song, it immediately transcends your soul to the moment on Carnival Tuesday while crossing the biggest stage on earth that you feel yourself soaring in pure pleasure towards the heavens, as the music fuels every particle of your being.
    MadMen Producers continue to push the boundaries of what was to give world listeners a new sound that forever will be imprinted in their musical minds as of and from sweet TnT.

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  • HOTT 93 Inferno Set To Heat Up West Trinidad- Super Jigga TC is Ready!

    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. January 2012———- Machel Montano and the HD band are billed to perform alongside a cast of other engaging soca stars of the season, on January 27 in West Trinidad. The event is none other than HOTT 93’s Inferno- a fete that many agree was truly enjoyable in 2011. Organisers say, their aim is to top last year’s event by offering patrons a larger space to party, a peace of mind when it comes to parking and ten of the best soca artistes of the season- all in one complete package.

    The fete has moved a few feet from last year’s location of Pier I in Chaguaramas to Pier II and according to a spokesperson for the organizing team, this development comes with the patron’s comfort in mind. It was noted that the 2011 installment of the well-publicised event drew massive crowds, with many flocking to the venue on the night in search of tickets, which, by that time were being sold at an increased price.

    This year, the cast includes Machel Montano and the HD band, inclusive of Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy, Kes The Band with reigning groovy soca monarch Kees Dieffenthalla, Dil- E-Nadan with Raymond Ramnarine, Super Jigga TC, Shal Marshall, Kerwin Du Bois, and new sensations, Erphaan Alves and K-Rich. Inferno promises to be truly festive this year as there will be more room to move around and enjoy every moment of the action. Parking, which is usually a concern to many patrons has also been settled, with arrangements having been made with officials of the Chaguaramas Development Authority for the use of car parks at both William’s Bay and Chagville. Patrons will be asked to present their tickets for admission to enjoy free, secure parking for the duration of the night.

    With hits like Action, Mr. Fete, Precision Wine, I Am Soca, Trouble and so much more from the cast of entertainers billed for Inferno, this is one event both the organizing committee and the artistes who are a part of the show, are saying is a must attend in carnival 2012. Radio and television personality turned soca artistes, Super Jigga TC said it’s an event that screams ‘Action.’ “Action speaks louder than words down there on show night so let me just say, everybody should make their way to Inferno. It will be an action- filled night,” he assured with a grin.

    Tickets have been reasonably priced at $200 general admission with a VIP package set at $400 inclusive of free drinks and light food. Information on ticket locations is available on the Inferno Facebook event page, keyword: HOTT 93 Inferno.

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  • Ravi B jumpstarts Carnival 2012 with major performance and new music

    POS, Trinidad – On Saturday January 14th Chutney Soca superstar Ravi Bissambhar will kick off Carnival 2K12 with the musical extravaganza titled ‘Ravi B Saturday’ at the brand new Maracas Nightclub in La Romaine. For this event Ravi will share the stage with T&T’s finest performers and Holland-based Chutney sensation Ashni who makes her return local soil after a 9 year absence.

    The energetic frontman of the band Karma has also gained serious momentum heading into the 2012 season with the release of his three latest tracks “Doh Want Meh Go”, “Horning Meh” and “Granny”.

    Still riding high on the success of previous hits such as “Cya Come”, “Dularie Nanny” and the ever popular “Ah Drinka”, the former Chutney Soca Monarch has once again collaborated with famed producer Big Rich as well as young hit-maker 1st Klase to create these new Carnival 2012 smashes. These latest releases which have already been igniting airwaves and receiving positive attention on major entertainment websites and social media are on their way to becoming party anthems for the music loving masses.

    Produced by Big Rich, the infectious “Doh Want Meh Go” puts a fun, light-hearted twist on the marriage scenario while the groovy “Horning Meh” deals with the issue of infidelity in relationships. The dance-infused, power-chutney “Granny” was produced by 1st Klase and is set to be a true crowd pleaser during Karma’s live performances.

    Ravi B shared that in anticipation of 2012 he wanted to concentrate on creating high quality music which focussed on topics to which everybody (both men and women) could relate. He plans to highlight everyday life subject matters through his music rather than the alcohol-centric themes of past tunes.

    The singer, songwriter, musical arranger and radio announcer also he revealed plans to release a new album soon entitled “Licence To Wine” which will feature his 2012 material as well as his most recent hit songs. Ravi also hinted of a soon to come, out of the box music video for one of his singles plus some mind-blowing developments for his band Karma in the new year.

    Follow Ravi B on Facebook:
    Listen to Ravi B’s latest music:

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  • Cassiano ‘Cassi’ Sylvester has a Lot to Say

    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. January 2011—–T&T Soca artiste, Cassiano ‘Cassi’ Sylvester is enjoying a hell of a ride in Carnival 2012. In fact, his music, contrary to reports in a recent newspaper article, is enjoying tremendous airplay and for that he is grateful. “ I’m really excited about this season. The music is standing up well next to other great tracks this carnival and I’m hopeful that it remains that way,” said the entertainer. He’s a bit baffled by the end result of a recent interview conducted with a local newspaper. “ A lot of the things that were mentioned in that article were never once said by me,” he clarified, referring to insinuations of a soca mafia and allegations that ‘the soca controllers are about making and breaking stars.’
    Cassi vehemently denies having made such statements or insinuations.

    Sylvester who in 2011, gave music lovers a track called Town T’ing, has penetrated significantly this year with a style that’s very similar to his 2011 contribution. He once again decided to work with music producer, Richard ‘Charsu’ Ahong and quite the same as in 2011, magic happened with a single called, Inside De Party. “ This is a song for both the young and the mature. It’s a song to make everybody dance and sing along,” he acknowledged, indicating that party patrons could expect an interactive stage show when he hits the stage at events this carnival season. Having worked very hard for over ten years, in a bid to make the breakthrough that he’s now enjoying, Cassi says he has no intention of turning back and will continue to work hard at bringing feel-good music to carnival enthusiasts. “ My overall aim is to improve each year and in the end, evolve into an artiste that can truly bridge the gap between the old and the young- especially when it comes to feting- because as Trinbagonians, that’s our #1 pass time,” he said with a chuckle.

    On the issue of the newspaper article, which was published on Sunday, January 8, Cassi says he remains in a state of shock over its misrepresentation. “ I was shocked when I read what was written. A lot of it was the writer’s personal feelings, I think,” he said, admitting that it bothered him that his name was tied into a story, which carried such a negative connotation. “ I am hardly one to talk about any mafia or anything of that nature. I only recently made my breakthrough and I’m still battling. This is not something I’d want to become entrapped in. All I want to do is give the people good music and that’s what I plan on doing,” he assured. Cassi also took the opportunity to thank his supporters for the love shown over the past few weeks and guaranteed that he would not let them down.

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  • THE MIGHTY SPARROW The Calypso King of the World Comes to BB King

    B.B. King Blues Club & Grill located at 237 West 42nd Street, between 7th & 8th Avenue New York, NY 10036 will have the Calypso King of the World in the house and on stage performing. Show time is set for 8pm January 14th 2012. . B.B. King’s Blues Club & Grill is the premier live music venue & restaurant in the heart of Times Square . Fans of the legendary Might Sparrow can expect a memorable performance.

    The Mighty Sparrow is the unrivaled Calypso King of the World, with a career that spans over 40 years and counting. This artist par excellence has earned his rightful place as King of the Calypso World by defeating every other competitor and pretender that would vie for his throne. He has entertained audiences across the globe, including shows in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America, to name but a few.

    The Mighty Sparrow has proved himself as the quintessential Calypsonian, with over 70 albums to his credit. Richly endowed with many gifts, he possesses an amazing ability not only to put into music the exploits of society, but to crown his performances with showmanship and appeal. His great contribution to the artform and our lives has unraveled the mysteries of Caribbean life, leaving the professionally trained sociologist and economist befuddled.

    A combination of talent, hard work, and opportunity has enabled Sparrow’s ascendance to the title of Calypso King of the World. He has brought honor, glory, and dignity to an indigenous art form that was once scorned by the elite of Caribbean society. He is one extraordinary entertainer who utilizes the medium he has mastered not just to entertain, but also to edify, enlighten, and educate. Without a doubt, as The Mighty Sparrow, this king of kings is the real supreme serenader.

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  • Message from Ziggy Marley for the New Year

    Irie New Year Family!
    One of the first things on my list this year is to go see FELA! the musical based on Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s life one of my musical spiritual influences. I have his records, his documentary, his photos “everybody say yeah! yeah! “. I saw Fela live and met him in chicago in the 80’s right before I went to new york to record conscious party. I will never forget it and I will never forget Fela. “everybody say yeah! yeah!” Oh! it’s playing in los angeles at Ahmanson Theatre if you in town and want to check it out, JAH know I love Fela. bless

    Africa seems to be on my mind in this new year. First Fela and now H.I.M. it is 2012 and a vision of the Unity of Africa is haunting me. here are some words of H.I.M. “Furthermore no clear consensus exists on the how and the what of this union. Is it to be in form federal, confederal or unitary ? Is the sovereignty of individual states to be reduced if so by how much…… On these and other questions there is no agreement, and if we wait for agreed answers , generations hence matters will be little advanced, while the debate still rages….. The opponents of Africa’s growth whose interest would be best served by a divided and balkanized continent…”

    ANC 100
    Interesting 2012 so far. Africa keeps coming up on my mindar ( radar ) After posting on two great Africans i post on another with reason. The ANC ( Africa National Congress ) with the leadership of brother Nelson Mandela led the struggle against the ignoble apartheid regime in South Africa. The ANC celebrates it’s 100th birthday today sunday the 8th. i will never forget the days of my youth hearing about the ANC in jamaica and feeling solidarity with the struggle and so wishing i could go there to join the struggle. So today we say Happy Birthday ANC and thank you for standing up for Africa. All the best Father Mandela. Jah Bless you

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  • Nadia Batson’s Upcoming BIG FETE Performance

    Trinidad. January 2011—— Fire fete, the fete many agree truly kick starts carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, is happening at the Queen’s Park Savannah this coming Saturday, January 14th. The event is billed as a celebration of 25 years hosting Fire Fete- a staple event in the island’s carnival. Promoter, Cliff Harris of Tropix Entertainment says the team is going all out to ensure patrons’ safety and enjoyment remain uncompromised.

    This year, the fete will feature for the very first time in a big stage performance, Nadia Batson and her all-female soca band, SASS. Batson said Team SASS is very excited for the big fete as they plan on delivering a stage show like nothing anyone has ever seen in Trinidad and Tobago. “ We are really pumped, really excited because we know that people out there are really anxious to see SASS in action and they should know that we are ready to deliver 150%,” she guaranteed.

    On the topic of the expected stage performance, Batson said there would be one or two surprises in Fire Fete and the show will be ‘dynamic’. “ People have been coming up to me and saying they’re going to Fire Fete just to see SASS perform,” she explained, highlighting that SASS will make history at the event.

    Batson has continued to impress this season with a slew of chart-topping soca hits, among them Making Up- her power single that many are saying, just might steal the Road March crown. Her head isn’t swollen by the hype however. Batson and the ladies of SASS remain grounded and focused. Fellow front line singer, Megan Waldrond is doing pretty well with her single, It Hurtin as is Terri Lyons who compliments the SASS set. Lyons has two big songs for the season- the first being Cah Stop Moving and her second release, Recipe, which is enjoying a pretty good amount of airplay.

    The cast for Fire Fete is a big one. Harris has said many artistes yearn to be a part of the fete each year and it’s often a difficult challenge to decide on who makes the cut. This year Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons and the Asylum band headline the 25th anniversary celebration of Fire and Kes The Band is expected to make a big impact on the crowd when they hit the stage. Other entertainers include the new sensations, Erphaan Alves and K Rich. Artistes like Super Jigga TC, Farmer Nappy, Shal Marshall, Kerwin Du Bois, Iwer George, JW and Blaze and Tobago’s LAJ family are all going to be there. This year, Bmobile has sponsored Fire Fete and for the first time, top ups of $20 are being given out to patrons purchasing tickets for the carnival starter event.

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  • Capsicum’s SAL ANTHONY Set to Explode in 2012

    Capsicum’s SAL ANTHONY Set to Explode in 2012
    With Reggae Cover of James Otto’s ‘Just Got Started’

    Sal Anthony
    Ever since the release of Capsicum Records LLC’s inaugural “Reggae-In-Fusion Album #1”, recording artist and writer-producer-arranger Sal Anthony has been steadily building momentum among fans of his creative Americana mix of rockabilly, modern country and blue-eyed soul with Caribbean rhythms. And his upcoming remake of the James Otto hit “Just Got Started” figures to build an indestructible bridge between the fans of all those genres in the U.S., Jamaica and worldwide, demonstrating his crossover appeal.

    Capsicum CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer described the tune as “James Otto and Ronnie Milsap meet Kenny Chesney and take a trip to Jamaica.” Penned by Otto, James Femino and David Vincent Williams, the new track was co-produced and arranged by Sal, Martin Mellinger, Osborne “Ifield”Joseph, and Meltzer. The track features the incomparable basswork of Derrick Barnett.

    Jamaica’s icon radio DJ Richie Burgess of Hot 102-FM and founder of the “Jamaican grammies” Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards wrote : “Vocally, lyrically, instrumentally and even technically — an all-round solid production. I expect this song to do very well….Capsicum rides again!!! Please give my regards to the entire team. One Love, Richie B.” Richie B. is the DJ who described Capsicum’s unique reggae-in-fusion sound as “roots on the bottom, and pop on the top.”

    “Big A (Antoine Higgins)” of IRIE-FM in Jamaica also dropped Meltzer a note – ” Hope you have been hearing the crazy love I’ve been showing to “Just Get Started” Great song. Bless.”

    TropicalFete reviewed the new release- “…great vocal clarity, while the beat and the rhythm will keep you dancing along. Lyrics are sensational and easily memorized, Lovers will surely enjoy singing this tune. An unforgettable love story that is musically translated will rip the airwaves and the clubs. With four out of five stars, Just Got Started is the precursor of (fusion) tunes to follow.
    Renowned Nashville musician-producer-engineer Terry Wendt heard the pre-release cut, and wrote: “Well, if that ain’t the groovin’-ist tune I’ve heard in forever!! This is a HIT! I can so clearly see and hear the message and vocal – it’s simply awesome :)” tkw

    Wendt should know a hit when he hears one. He’s the author of The Early Days, an autobiographical book about the inner workings of Nashville’s music business for the last 25+ years, having worked on stage playing pedal steel in bands or in recording studios with many of the greats, including Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Jimmy C Newman (Grand Ole Opry), Tom T Hall, Carl Perkins, Tanya Tucker, Merle Haggard, Jeannie C Riley, Ty Hearndon, Jo Dee Messina, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw. In 1993 Shania Twain hired Wendt as her band leader/pedal steel guitar player and road manager. Wendt was also the first to record Peggy and Patsy Lynn (the Lynns, daughters of Loretta Lynn), and bring them to Martha Sharp who signed them to Warner Brothers- Nashville.
    Tom Lambert’s playlist
    The Independent Music Show 10/12/2011:
    The Capsicum Production Team Working with Sal Anthony

    Capsicum CEO Roger Meltzer and Osborne “Ifield” Joseph

    Sal recently signed a non-exclusive music licensing deal with Munchkin Studios, who represent various music libraries, and provide comprehensive music services for film and network productions, including NBC, Fox, MTV, Warner Brothers as well as for background music supplier Muzak. Songs included in the deal initially included “Born on Third Base”, a song Sal co-penned with Meltzer and recorded for the label by the red hot Cuban Cohiba, and “Just As I Am”, another co-write with Meltzer, as well as with Osborne “Ifield” Joseph, and Misteree, who also performed the song, and for which she received a nomination for the “2011 Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Best New Female Artist”. Meltzer and Joseph co-produced both of the reggae crossover hits.

    The deal was then expanded to include four other Anthony-Meltzer titles from the inaugural “Reggae In Fusion Album #1”: “No Better Than I” recorded by Sledge, “Exactly” and “If You Really Wanna Know” recorded by Anthony, and finally a reggae cover of “Life’s Too Short” recorded by Mayyah Stuart’ and which Anthony and Meltzer co-penned with guitar wizard George Zeigler.
    Said Aimable, “If You Really Wanna Know sounds like Reggae Gone Country. However, the lyrics are well-constructed with a catchy chorus. With such an upbeat tempo, this tune will rip the airwaves from the very first note. The vocal quality sounds great and there is no doubt that this tune is destined to rock you off your feet while you sing along.

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  • Queen of Kings- Karene Asche wins Caribbean Calypso King of Kings in St.Kitts

    Queen of Kings- Karene Asche wins Caribbean Calypso King of Kings in St.Kitts
    Carnival Village, St.Kitts (January 7th 2012):-Reigning Trinidad Calypso Monarch Karene Asche defeated 10 Calypso Kings and Queens from throughout the region to win the Caribbean King of Kings Calypso Monarch title in Carnival Village , Basseterre St.Kitts.

    Amassing a total of 761 pts the Trinidadian Calypso Queen outclassed the regions finest which included Dominica’s Tasha P who placed 1st runner-up, 3 times Kittitian King Pungwah who placed 2nd, 5 times St.Kitts King Sacrotes placed 3rd while Antigua’s Zakari placed 4th runner-up.

    Other participating regional Calypso Monarchs in the show included St. Croix’ Mighty Pat, St.Lucia’s Queen Menelle, Nevis’ King Meeko, St.Maarten’s King Timo and St.Thomas’ Kung Fu Plenty among others.

    Monarch- Karene Asche (Trinidad and Tobago)- 761 pts
    • 1st Runner-up: Tasha P (Dominica)- 721pts
    • 2nd Runner-up: Pungwah (St.Kitts)- 711 pts
    • 3rd Runner-up: Sacrotes (St.Kitts)- 691 pts
    • 4th Runner-up: Zakari (Antigua)-673 pts

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  • White Wine & Jaxx – Feel So Good

    From Canada to Trinidad comes White Wine & Jaxx two solo artists coming together to bring the vibes and feelings that encapture this carnival season. An offering for 2012, “Feel So Good” is a feel good groovey soca for the masses. Entered into Trinidad’s International Soca Monarch competition; 2012 is the breakthrough year for these fresh artists on the scene.

    Introduced with “Ah Feeling” this brand new hit song is already catching heavy rotation on all major Trinidad radio stations and has been showcased live on Synergy TV. With more in store from these two dynamic artists White Wine & Jaxx are creating a large buzz, real vibes and have the ears of Trinidad, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. They want to make you “Feel So Good”.

    Artist(s): White Wine & Jaxx
    Track: Feel So Good

    Produced by: Banga Productions
    Recorded by: Winery Entertainment (Canada)
    Mixed by: H.I.T.Wall Studios & Premier Studios (Trinidad)
    Mastered by: Nico from Premier Studios

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    Unless you have been living under a rock the past few months we are positive you have seen or heard the hype of Tele Cruz’s newest single “SWEAT” spreading throughout the Caribbean, U.S. and Europe like wildfire.
    Soca artiste Tele Cruz has moved into high gear with his latest single Sweat. The song is being served as a precursor to the upcoming Carnival season in the twin isle republic. It is already creating waves… CLICK HERE to read more about what the Jamica Starr had to say.


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    Full Blown Entertainment Company Limited would like to formally introduce you to one of the Caribbean’s new recording artiste Aaron “Voice” St.Louis.
    His first release for Trinidad’s Carnival 2012 is entitled “Alien” and is already making its way across Trinidad and Tobago via various radio stations.
    He is also one of the favorites in the Bmobile Synergy TV Soca Star Season 7 Competition.
    Please take the time to download the track and support our young talent of the Caribbean region.

    Artiste : Voice
    Song: Alien
    Written by: Full Blown Entertainment
    Produced by: Full Blown Entertainment & Precision Productions

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