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Global Caribbean IV and Pieces of Jamaica join forces with Art Basel 2012 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Artists from the French and English speaking Caribbean play an integral part of Art Basel Miami as they celebrate diversity through art, music and culture during a weekend of planned events. On Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 6pm a VIP and Press reception will be held for the opening of “Global Caribbean IV” and “Pieces of Jamaica” at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212-260 Northeast 59th Terrace Miami, FL 33137. ARead More
Following the launch of Charm Carnival’s mas camp at 19 De’verteuil Street in Woodbrook last week, many have been curious to know some of the innovations planned by the Amar team. Robert and Sharon Amar who have both been involved in the carnival masquerade sector prior to the launch of this brand new band, have boasted of incredible new delights for Carnival 2013 masqueraders who choose Charm as their band for the road. With a yearning to keep things under wraps still, the team has decided to unleash just oneRead More

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With the Caribbean’s rich musical and cultural heritage, Tropicalfete is challenging Caribbean governments, private and public organizations to seriously consider investing heavily in music tourism. There is an enormous diversity of music and musical rhythms which would make music tourism an experience that people from all walks of life would enjoy and appreciate. The Caribbean is not about only sea-water, sand and sunshine. Each island has established and famous musicians, modern bands, school bands, traditional folk bands with unique and interesting rhythms. Music is similar to sports, it has noRead More
The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA) is building a strategic partnership with regional carrier, LIAT Airlines, to encourage travel to the twin-island destination in developing its ‘Regional Traveller’ initiative. The objective of the strategic alliance is to provide specially discounted fares on flights into Antigua & Barbuda from select regional markets for specific local events. Tourism Authority Marketing Manager, Charmaine Spencer explained, “We are very pleased to be building a strategic relationship with LIAT as we see this as an important undertaking to continue to encourage more intra-regional travelRead More
Brooklyn, NY – Borokeete International Carnival Band is all set and ready to feature “Caribbean Uniqueness” for Labor Day 2012. Caribbean Uniqueness is all about “One Nation, One People, One Voice.” Borokeete is inviting all revelers to attend the grand launch, get registered and come and experience the uniqueness of the proud Caribbean people and their amazing culture. The management of Borokeete International Inc. is confident that revelers will enjoy themselves in a kaleidoscope of colors, music, dance and all other elements that display Caribbean uniqueness. The grand band launching,Read More
“I’m Santana,” the movie starring Santana ( [13]), the biggest viral video sensation ever out of Trinidad (and the entire Caribbean for that matter), is in NYC week, at the Rerun Theater and Pulse 48 in Brooklyn and Maysles Cinema in Manhattan. I’m Santana: The Movie Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 9:00 PM – Friday, April 20, 2012 at 9:00 PM (ET) Brooklyn, NY Tuesday, April 17th, 9pm @ Re-Run Theater – Wednesday, April 18th, 6pm @ Re-Run Theater – Wednesday, April 18th, 7:45pm @ Re-Run Theater – Thursday,Read More
Road March 1. Machel Montano – “Pump Yuh Flag” 2. Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez – “Miss Behave” 3. Neil “Iwer” George – “No Pain” Calypso Monarch 1.Duane O’Connor 2.Kurt Allen 3.Karene Asche Extempo Monarch Leslie-Ann Bristow a.k.a Lady Africa Political Commentary Monarch Kurt Allen Social Commentary Monarch Duane O’Connor King Ralliez-Vous – A Mon Panache Blanc! – Roland St George Malakyahweh – The Praying Mantis – Gerard Weekes Queen Mother of Humanity – The Weeping Madonna – CharissBovell National Panorama Champions in the Large Conventional Band Neal & Massy Trinidad All StarsRead More
The following is the list of top positions in the Digicel Power International Soca Monarch 1. Machel Montano 2. Neil Iwer George 3. Destra Garcia 4. Blaxx, Prophet Benjamin (tie) … The following is the list of top positions in the Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch 1. Machel Montano 2. Kerwin Du Bois 3. Benjai 4. Nadia Batson 5. Kees DieffenthallerRead More
New York, NY, Nov 2011: Music fans in New York and D.C. will be able to close off 2011 on a high note as master pianist, Monty Alexander, continues to celebrate his 50th year anniversary of performing by offering up a mélange of music from Jamaica to Sinatra and Cole this December. Alexander, whose recent album, “Uplift” has held the number one spot on the Jazz World Radio charts for 14 straight weeks, will pay tribute to his musical heroes – Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole – as partRead More
Acclaimed “Miss Miles – the woman of the world” extends for three final nights in Port of Spain Monday 21st NOVEMBER, 2011 (PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD): Tony Hall’s acclaimed new play featuring Cecilia Salazar – Miss Miles: the Woman of the World – returns for a record fifth week in Port of Spain this Friday 25 – Sunday 27th November at the Little Carib Theatre. This will be the final run in Port of Spain for 2011. Heralded by audiences and critics alike, the overwhelming public response has promoted notRead More