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Complete The Census

We need to get the word out that Ā our community needs to complete the census now! One of the best ways to communicate a message is through song. We are thankful Ā recording Artist Cheryl V Ā and Joan Myers have answered the call with the soca track “Get Counted” and the reggae track “All about us” Kompa, Hip Hop & Bachata tracks to follow. Please go to, or call 800-932-8282, or complete the form that was mail to you. Regardless of immigration status we all need to be counted. Ā This is key to getting resources to our community – jobs, schools, healthcare, housing. Our community needs to be represented at the political table and the census determines this. Ā This census initiative Ā was brought to you by Cheryl Vincent, Joan Myers, Gerry Hopkin, JD, Ā Ride Along Live with Junior George, Tropicalfete, Inc., the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Carrol Hodge, Benjy Myaz, Mcphie. Jam Music Ministry, Werks Music Production, TLAB,. Alex Cummingham, Benjamin Myersk and Hopkins Consulting. Enjoy the track and share.