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Hardcore Juggling Alert: One A Day Sound and King Addies Meet in Toronto For Aftermath in the 6ix!

One A Day Sound and King Addies will meet in Toronto, Canada on Saturday July 20th for the sound system event dubbed Aftermath in the 6ix.  Produced by 1 Link Promotion in association with Royalty Sound and the Canadian Clash Federation, the showcase will see these top sounds perform hardcore juggling style.

Hardcore juggling is a subset of Sound Clash, which means dubplates are used to earn the favour of the audience for the night, but the competitive ‘Clash’ element is removed.  The better the selector (sound crew) plays, the more favor they earn with the audience.  In the case of a hardcore juggling, fans know that it will not be a Clash competition, but each sound is going to perform to earn the respect of the crowd.

Hosted by Canada’s most visible Royalty Sound, fans will hear music played on the sounds signature red and gold soundsystem which recently won 2 awards for sound quality.  Music lovers will also experience personalized dubplates that have drawn energetic forwards in Jamaica, in Europe and in Montreal to name a few destinations.  Putting on a good performance is a part of the foundation on which Royalty Sound is built.

Earlier this year, One A Day and King Addies met in New York at the Premiere Clash League, and the meeting, true to Sound Clash nature, ended in controversy.  Thunda from Royalty Sound states “the melee between Polly from One A Day Sound and King Pin from King Addies left some fans feeling unsure who the winner was.  This is not a clash, but fans are eager to hear if words will be thrown between Polly and King Pin.  Bringing the event to Toronto means it’s on neutral territory for both Sounds who are from the US.”

One A Day Sound is based in Philadelphia, PA and King Addies is based in New York City, NY and both are expected to travel with their diehard fans who will meet Toronto’s notorious non-biased fans.  Granny 1 Son, executive producer of the event explains “Music fans in Toronto are known to be unbiased, but with the incident that happened at Premier Clash League in March, fans here are listening carefully to see how hard the hardcore juggling goes between the two.”

In addition to One A Day Sound, King Addies and Royalty Sound, the line-up features Turbulence Sound and Twin Star Sound.

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