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Collaborative Artists Mas Band Launches November 26Th – Aqua 70/30

Aqua 70/30 marks a historic collaborative mas band where a number of artists from different fields have come together to dream a new direction in the way mas is presented….

On 6pm on Monday 26th November 2012 Sobeit Limited launches ‘Aqua 70/30’ at their mascamp at #10 Dennis Mahabir Street, Woodbrook. All are invited. The band is led by events co-ordinator Maurice Chevalier- former event co-ordinator and PR person of the current Carnival champion. The team also involves a number of former Peter Minshall collaborators, as well as a number of Trinidad’s leading upcoming visual artists. Aqua 70/30 examines the eternal equation 70/30: the equation of water to matter. 70% of the human body is water. 70% of planetearth’s surface is water… Sobeit Limited is presenting ‘a mas’ exploring the mystery of water and its role in man’s life.

There will be a lot of surprises on the road with Aqua 70/30. The band caters for all demographics.There wil lbe 20 sections, 2 kings and 2 queens, section leaders, special individuals, and floor members. BandleaderChevalier says, “There will be room for all kinds of masqueraders- those who love less costume and more freedom, those who want to be creative but sexy, and those who want to play mas and disappear into a character… A band should provide an arena for everyone to enjoy themselves.”

Some of the costume titles include: Shoreline; Lionfish; Swordfish; Turbulence; Clownfish; Firecoral; Man Of War; and Tsunami…

The band is anticipated to have 1000 members in a Monday/Tuesday all-inclusive, premium-drinks jump-up.Breakfast and lunch will be served on the road and members will have an option to play jouvay. There will 3 music trucks powered by Bose sound system- the most sophisticated sound system in the world- powered by top DJs like Joy Juice and live band Mayaro with popular soca singers- and other types of music. Band members are assured of a safe and secure jump up with an effective security team.

Aqua 70/30 marks a historic collaborative mas band where a number of artists from different fields have come together to dream a new direction in the way mas is presented. Apart from Chevalier the band also features the former prototype designer of the current carnival champion- Robert Frederick; former King and Queen technical advisor of the current carnival champion Michael Lee Poy. The King of the band is former Carnival King- Jhawan Thomas. Joining this crew is former Minshall collaborator and event planner/interior designer Kirk Langton; internationalplaywrightThorma Crawford; visual arts progidy James Hackett; professional artist Darren Chee-Wah; and multi-media artist Rubadiri Victor. The team worked together for months conceptualizing a treat for masqueraders.

This will be a band about the ocean and water- from rain to clouds, to waves to deep sea bed, to the creatures that dwell therein, to us men who only visit… This band will be exploring water in all its dimensions. This is a band where sections can mix with one another in much the same way that fish mingle on a coral bed…

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