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New York City is poised for an electrifying World Soca Monarch during the week of Brooklyn’s Carnival. Many soca artistes across the Caribbean have expressed eagerness. The two-night event will be held at Tropical Paradise Ballroom, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, August 28 (semifinals night) and Thursday, August 30 (finals). The competition is produced by EVERYBODY’S “Caribbean” Magazine. EVERYBODY’S has staged four previous World Monarch contests: Chalkdust won the EVERYBODY’S World Calypso Monarch on two occasions and Ronnie McIntosh and Edwin Yearwood won the EVERYBODY’S World Soca Monarch title.
Jason Benn, a radio DJ soca personality, is promoting and organizing the competition on behalf of EVERYBODY’S.
A panel of international judges will select ten (10) artistes from the semifinals to compete in the finals on Thursday, August 30.
“Although New York City is perceived by some as a Caribbean town, it is not a Caribbean island. Therefore, it is not practical to stage the event outdoors; we are going modest by holding it indoors, in an 800 capacity venue,” explains Count Robin, the Calypso & Soca Revue-Tent manager. “Moreover, government is not underwriting the competition or awarding monetary prizes as is customary in the region.”
EVERYBODY’S is giving a minimum of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners respectively. The other artistes in the finals will receive a performance fee.
The reigning EVERYBODY’S World Soca Monarch is Edwin Yearwood of Barbados.

2012 CALYPSO & SOCA TENT: Artistes to appear in the Calypso & Soca Revue-Tent at Tropical Paradise Ballroom, Brooklyn, include Sparrow – Calypso Rose – Shadow – Duane O’Conner – Edwin Yearwood – Lord Nelson – Sugar Aloes – Becket – Swallow – Sexy Suzie – Red Plastic Bag – Count Robin – Brown Boy – Fatman George – Susan Kennedy – Poser – Dance Master – Jason Benn – Sunshine Band – … and more stars to be added.
Sunday, August 25: Opening and Trinidad & Tobago 50th Independence Anniversary Gala.
Monday, August 26: Ladies Nite and Two on One Ticket
Wednesday, August 29: Toast to Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica 50th independence
Friday, August 31: Trinidad & Tobago Independence Nite
Saturday, September 1: Independence Fete