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I-Octane EP Comes Straight from the Heart

New York, NY (November 14, 2011) There is a steadily increasing buzz as Reggae artiste I-Octane prepares to release his EP “Straight from the Heart”. “Straight from the Heart” features seven carefully chosen tracks that will undoubtedly resonate with people despite their class, color or creed.

Commenting on his upcoming EP, which is a labor of love for him I-Octane says,

“You can always meet somebody and talk to them about your experiences but very often there isn’t the time to really get into it and really let them know the situation. That’s why I always say music is a tool. There is no greater way for me to really touch the souls of my fans, except through my music.”

That is exactly what this EP is about words coming – “Straight From The Heart”. According to the reggae crooner, people will be able to relate to each track as they are taken from life experiences and will certainly offer something to meditate on.

“Straight from the Heart” will also be offering a few surprises for fans of the artiste as not only will they be experiencing the ‘old I-Octane that they know and love, but they will be introduced to a different more mature artiste.

“I have been in the business for a little while now,” he says adding “I’ve been introduced to different sounds and different producers so for me it’s all about growth. I have also matured as a person so you will be able to see and feel some of those things in some of the songs.”

Three of the songs on the EP were voiced in the US (a first for I-Octane). The other three songs were produced by some of the most promising young talents in Jamaica. It provides a mixture of the authentic reggae beats infused with a more modern neo-reggae vibe. The EP is a refreshing production that sets the stage for I-Octanes upcoming debut album, but I-Octane says it best.