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Spirit of the Arts Award

Tropicalfete Spirit of the Arts Award

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Tropicalfete Spirit of the Arts Award was established to pay respect to the body of work of an individual whose work can be considered as immortal in the area of arts. Hence, the awardees have inspired generations and will continue to inspire generations in future. Tropicalfete Spirit of the Arts Awards is presented to persons that their body of work is meaningful to their community and has made over 25 years contributions to the arts. {Contact us to recommend someone for award}

Recipient: Invader. Tropicalfete was pleased to present the Reigning Calypso Monarch Ignatius “Invader” Tisin at the Saint Lucia Independence Ball 2011 in New York City with the Tropicalfete Spirit of the Arts Award. Invader, St. Lucia’s Most crowned artiste a.k.a. Papa Vader, Vader, Papa, the Masked Man: 7 times road march monarch; 3 times soca monarch, 4 times calypso king, 1 time extempo Monarch, 1 time King of Kings, 1 time Buy Local Monarch, St. Lucia Les Pitons gold medalist 2008, Soca awards: Trustees Award for Special Merit Award.