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New York, NY – Trinidad and Tobagonian Gospel reggae artist Joel “Positive” Murray celebrated his seven-year journey in music at Trinidad and Tobago’s first-ever Gospel all-inclusive extravaganza, Chapter 7 – Blessing After Blessing, on Saturday, November 9, 2013 in Diego Martin, Trinidad. Backed by his ultra-talented Signature Band, Positive guided the avid audience through his entire catalog, touching on his versatile sounds and songs ranging from traditional Gospel classics to reggae and dancehall-influenced gems, making for a more contemporary and modern take on Gospel, for which he is known. TheRead More
The official home for Caribbean Culture Tropicalfete Incorporation celebrates the “Top 100 Count Down & Award of Excellence” on Thursday, December 5th, 2013. The event is in honor of Richie Richardson, the designing mind of curating art exhibits, fashion masquerade carnival, theatre and Halloween, hundreds of Logos, original T-shirt designs and New York Subway campaigns. Tropicalfete’s Award of Excellence honors the accomplishments & contributions of persons and/or organizations that have had a roll in the development of the Caribbean Community. The achievement of the awardees is significant on an internationalRead More
This years awards goest to… Tropicalfete will be honoring Richie Richardson – The Designing Mind with the Tropicalfete Award of Excellence. Richie’s work covers multiple genres & disciplines. Curating art exhibits, Fashion, Masquerade Carnival, Theatre and Halloween. Hundreds of Logos, original T- shirt designs and New York Subway campaigns. The presentation of the award will be at Tropicalfete top 100 Countdown of the top international Caribbean songs for the year at Negril Village Caribbean Restaurant • Lounge 70 West 3rd Street, New York, New York Thursday December 5th 2013. Tropicalfete’sRead More

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New Jersey – The SUNSHINE Awards Organization today announced in New Jersey the nominees for the 2013 SUNSHINE Awards Program scheduled for Saturday November 2, 2013 in New York City. The SUNSHINE Awards Program was founded 25 years ago to recognize and honor talented exponents of the performing arts, sports and education of the various Caribbean countries. Over the years, the canopy of the program was extended to include South America, Central America and Africa. A special feature of the program is the SUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame. On SaturdayRead More
Tropicalfete: Can you tell us a bit about Loverly Sheridan? Loverly: Well, if you’ve read a Girl Like Me, you already know a whole lot! (Laughing out loud) But in a nutshell, I’m a very curious, daring and passionate young woman, who loves life. Tropicalfete: When were you first hit by the literary bug? I’ve always loved to write. As a child, I had quite a vivid imagination and used writing to express myself in every way. Tropicalfete: Was being an author something you always envisioned or did it materialize from yourRead More
Tropicalfete Inc on Saturday held an introductory workshop on Copyrights and Royalties for aspiring Caribbean songwriters, producers and artists interested in learning “the business of the business” from 36-year industry veteran Roger Meltzer, founder, CEO and Director of A&R of Hartford, CT-based indie Capsicum Records LLC. The Saturday afternoon seminar was held at Complete Music Studios, 227 St. Marks Street in Brooklyn, NY, and attracted some two dozen relative newcomers to the industry. The workshop was engaging and very informative covering topic such as the difference between a PA andRead More
New York, New York – December 11, 2012: In Tropicalfete quest to showcase and promote Caribbean culture to the World, Tropicalfete presented its annual Top 100 International Caribbean songs for 2012 at Negril Village Lounge in New York City last Thursday. “Tropicalfete’s Top 100 Song Countdown is the only chart that brings together the variety of cultures, languages and rhythms emanating from the Caribbean. From platinum selling hit makers like Rihanna, Sean Paul and Pit Bull to Haitian compa bands, carnival soca anthems or dancehall boomshots, these 100 songs reflectRead More
Global Caribbean IV and Pieces of Jamaica join forces with Art Basel 2012 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Artists from the French and English speaking Caribbean play an integral part of Art Basel Miami as they celebrate diversity through art, music and culture during a weekend of planned events. On Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 6pm a VIP and Press reception will be held for the opening of “Global Caribbean IV” and “Pieces of Jamaica” at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212-260 Northeast 59th Terrace Miami, FL 33137. ARead More
Following the launch of Charm Carnival’s mas camp at 19 De’verteuil Street in Woodbrook last week, many have been curious to know some of the innovations planned by the Amar team. Robert and Sharon Amar who have both been involved in the carnival masquerade sector prior to the launch of this brand new band, have boasted of incredible new delights for Carnival 2013 masqueraders who choose Charm as their band for the road. With a yearning to keep things under wraps still, the team has decided to unleash just oneRead More

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With the Caribbean’s rich musical and cultural heritage, Tropicalfete is challenging Caribbean governments, private and public organizations to seriously consider investing heavily in music tourism. There is an enormous diversity of music and musical rhythms which would make music tourism an experience that people from all walks of life would enjoy and appreciate. The Caribbean is not about only sea-water, sand and sunshine. Each island has established and famous musicians, modern bands, school bands, traditional folk bands with unique and interesting rhythms. Music is similar to sports, it has noRead More