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  • The Noble Douglas Lilliput Foundation For The Arts To Carry On The Legacy of Arts Icon, Noble Douglas

    October 1, 2012 – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago… Trinidad and Tobago’s leading
    lady of children’s theatre, Noble Douglas, ushers in a new era in her life as a cultural
    revolutionary with the launch of the non-profit organisation, the Noble Douglas Lilliput
    Foundation for the Arts (NDLFA). On Friday October 19, 2012, the co-founder of the
    country’s foremost children’s theatre company, Lilliput Children’s Theatre, and the founder
    of premier contemporary modern dance company, the Noble Douglas Dance Company Inc.
    (NDDCI) will introduce her latest initiative at a reception at Queen’s Hall.
    The NDLFA is an entity committed to supporting and strengthening the work of the Lilliput
    Children’s Theatre and NDDCI, as resilient, proactive, forward-thinking institutions
    committed to the “Ideals and Principles of Discipline, Hard Work, Love and Respect for the
    Craft, Forms and Traditions of Performance, and the Creative Process.” The foundation will
    serve as a vehicle to continue the creative work of both Lilliput and the NDDCI thereby ensuring
    their long-term viability while concretising the attainments and achievements of two of Trinidad
    and Tobago’s most vibrant performing arts institutions.
    For more than half a century, Douglas has stood strong with an unyielding commitment to her
    vision to use the performing arts as a medium to stimulate young people’s creative energy and to
    build character, self-confidence and self-esteem. She has shone as an icon of the arts in Trinidad
    and Tobago and the Caribbean region. A recipient of the nation’s second highest award, the
    Hummingbird Medal – Gold, Douglas’s work has been celebrated by many. Most recently, the
    Guardian Media group named her as one of the country’s 50 Most Influential People.
    The NDLFA board of directors, Dennise Demming (Chairperson), Noble Douglas
    (Founder/Artistic Director), Denise Dickson-Cunningham (Secretary), Lenore Harris
    (Treasurer), Margaret Walcott, Liza Miller, Wendell Manwarren, Zakiya Smart and
    Merylle Mahabir, are inspired and committed to carry on Douglas’s legacy. The board will be
    supported in their work by patrons, former First Lady and social activist, Zalayhar Hassanali;
    intellectual, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt; and Lilliput parent, Sian Aboud.
    The NDLFA launch will feature a keynote address by Mahabir-Wyatt and live performances by
    Lilliput Children’s Theatre and an excerpt from NDDCI’s 2012 dance season, Transition.
    Dance enthusiasts and NDDCI’s followers can look forward to the opening of Transition, on
    Saturday October 20, 2012 at Queen’s Hall. Tickets are priced at $150.00 and are available now
    at Crosby’s Music Centre; and from October 15, 2012, at Queen’s Hall box office. Part of the
    proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the NDLFA’s Lilliputian For Life Fund. For more
    information, visit the NDDCI Facebook page at or email or call (868) 367-5295.
    WHAT: Reception to launch the Noble Douglas Lilliput Foundation for the
    WHO: Noble Douglas Lilliput Foundation for the Arts
    WHEN: Friday October 19, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.
    WHERE: Queen’s Hall
    WHAT: Transition
    WHO: Noble Douglas Dance Company Inc.
    WHEN: Saturday October 20, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.
    Sunday October 21, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.
    WHERE: Queen’s Hall
    TICKETS: $150.00
    Crosby’s Music Centre, St. James – (868) 622-SOCA(7622)
    Members of NDDCI.

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  • December release date for Wayne Wonder’s My Way

    December 2012 is the confirmed date for the release of Grammy-nominated reggae pop star, Wayne Wonder’s newest album. Simply entitled, My Way, it represents the end to Wayne’s six-year album-making hiatus.
    As Wayne puts it, “Kingston meets Miami on ‘My Way’.”
    The 14-track collection of tropical pop anthems and intense club bangers was recorded in Florida, where the singer now lives, and also in his home country, Jamaica.
    Scheduled for a December 4 release, ‘My Way’ had the official release of the single/video, “Drop It Down Low” a couple weeks ago, and set critics on their feet. The album features guest vocals from Shaggy on “Don’t Say No” and R&B sensation Mya on “If I Ever.” And while Wonder breathes new life to his sound, he stays true to his signature blend of irresistible island rhythms, catchy hooks and flawless vocals.
    “‘My Way’ has some new twists. I make sure my sound is updated like a MacBook Pro, but I’m sticking to what I do best. I’m a lover at heart, so that is what I sing about and why my fans have grown to love me. I’m all about positivity and creating these vibes,” states Wonder.
    One could argue that “Drop It Down Low”, a vibrant dance anthem produced by Triple Dee, is one of those riveting twists, and one which is infused with hit-making potential. The accompanying video was shot in the Netherlands and directed by Sicerow & Ruben Solognier.
    On ‘My Way’, Wayne Wonder rallied top producers – Kingston’s Tony Kelly (who co-produced Wonder’s Grammy-nominated album No Holding Back), Stephen Genius McGregor, Dre Day, Freelancer as well as Miami-based Riddim Fingaz (credits include Trey Songz, Sean Paul, Mya) – to form a polished 14-track offering of sweet serenades and sultry dance hits. This formula is poised for commercial success.
    This is the winning formula that catapulted him to the national spotlight in 2003: earning him a live performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, a MOBO Award for Best New Reggae Artist, one of year’s biggest hits “No Letting Go” (peaking at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart) and a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album on No Holding Back (Atlantic Records).
    Prior to the “Drop It Down Low” video, Wayne Wonder unleashed his sizzling visual for “Caught Up” in late June, which racked up over 22,000 YouTube views on its first day.
    Since his self-titled debut album in 1987, the Portland native, born Von Wayne Charles, has been responsible for an extraordinary catalogue of reggae hits including “Saddest Day,” “Bonafide Love (Movie Star)” ft. Buju Banton, “Love And Affection” and “No Letting Go.” In 2003, he made major waves in U.S. when his latter single topped urban radio and his album No Holding Back debuted at #29 on Billboard Hot 200 chart.
    “My Way”, which is being released on his own label, Singso Music, is a celebration of Wayne’s return and his full creative control over the entire process after departing from VP Records.
    – 30 –
    Here is the official YouTube link for Drop It Down Low:

    1. Caught Up
    2. Drop It Down
    3. Sweet Dreams
    4. Anna Lou
    5. Crush On You
    6. All About You
    7. Xtra Ordinary
    8. This Time
    9. Like The First Time
    10. If I Ever ft. Mya
    11. Don’t Say No ft. Shaggy
    12. Lovely Days
    13. Put Your Drinks

    Sun, Nov 4 @ Lee Vista Park for 11th Annual Caribbean Splash in Orlando, FL
    Sat. Nov 10 @ Malibu Fun Spot, Castle Coakley, Christiansted, St. Croix (USVI)
    Mon. Dec 31 @ Club Ma Trixx in Nigmegen, Netherlands

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  • Razz & Biggy releases Mavado’s So Suicidal Mixtape

    …. The Duo continues to deliver on their promise to keep good music just a click away from their fans and music loves worldwide.

    Kingston (JA), October 7, 2012: Hot on the heels of his long awaited return to Jamaica recently, dancehall heavy hitter – Mavado hit the studio and teamed up with the genre’s dynamic duo – Razz & Biggy to compile an action packed mixtape ‘just for the fans’.

    The mixtape is aptly titled ‘So Suicidal’ which mirrors the sing jay’s track with the We The Best label boss – Dj Khaled called Suicidal Thoughts which was the lead single from Dj Khaled’s ‘Kiss the Ring’ album. The 26 track effort sees production credits from some of the industry’s most talented production labels such as DASECA, Big Ship and Chimney Records amongst others representing for the local team. Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis, the producer who helped shape Wyclef and the Fugees’ Island-informed sound, is the man responsible for the guitar-laced ‘Souljah Girl’, other international production credits rest with Dj Khaled, Boi-1da and T-minus. With guest appearances from artistes such as Ace Hood, Chase Cross, Chipmunk, Meek Mill, Buccaneer and Akon, it was of no surprise that the mixtape racked up thousands of downloads within hours of being posted online on outlets like

    When asked about the process of putting the mixtape together, Biggy explained that it was just as much fun as it was hard work. “Mavado is a great product of our music, he has numerous songs, finding the right blend of songs took some doing, but the artiste is so good to work with that’s why the finished product was so quickly embraced by audiences far and wide”, explained a visibly pleased Biggy.

    2012 has seen Razz & Biggy being very busy both in the studio and in the streets, with sold out tour dates both locally and overseas and other combination efforts with artistes like Denyque and Bugle to their credit. In May 2012 the critically acclaimed – ‘I am Super Girl; Denyque’s mixtape debut was dropped and three months later in August ‘Psalms’; a strong mix of songs from the talented Bugle was unleashed. This year has been exceptionally good to Dancehall’s Dynamic Duo. With the end of the year fast approaching they reveal that their schedule remains just has hectic; “the lord has really blessed us, so we just continue to do our best in whatever we do, please the people and keep doing good work” Razz went on to explain.

    The Duo continues to deliver on their promise to keep good music just a click away from their fans and music loves worldwide. With numerous mixtapes available on their website – , they enjoy a hit rate which is envied by most entertainment pages on the web.

    The So Suicidal Mixtape is available free for download on .

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  • How to Say Yes When the Answer Is No

    Many of us who have worked in customer relations understand the importance of making the customer feel good. We do everything we can to help them get answers to their questions. Some of us, however, do not understand this basic premise in good customer relations. Some of us need to learn how to say yes when the answer is no.
    If you ask an airline employee if you can check an extra bag and not pay the fee, the answer is no. Everyone must pay. If you ask a ticket clerk if you can get a senior discount when you are not yet a senior, the answer is no. Only people over a certain age get the discount. If you’re about to make a sale and your client asks for more discounts than you can provide, the answer is no. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.
    Saying yes when the answer is no is not an easy communication skill. In fact you are actually not saying yes. What you are doing is giving the person the satisfied sense of yes even though the answer is no. The Say It Just Right model of communication contains tips for saying yes when the answer is no. Some key points are to show compassion and curiosity. These are two of the Three C’s in the model. Compassion tells the other person you really care about them and understand the hardship this rule, policy or your inability to say yes puts them in. Curiosity shows the other person that you want to find a solution; you care about uncovering a way to get to yes even though the answer is no. If you are curious enough to search, you may very well succeed. Here are some additional tips to enable you to say yes, when the answer is no.
    No matter how many times you’ve heard the same story, listen as if this were the first time. Really listen to what the other person is saying. You might hear something new. It is always a new story to the person telling it!
    Say directly and specifically what you see the issue is. Do not describe how you think the other person sees the problem. You want to avoid using words that might cause defensiveness or that sound as if you blame the other person.
    Don’t Blame!!!
    Don’t put the person in a corner. When we feel helpless, we feel defensive. “There’s no other way.” “This is the only way.” “This is our policy.”
    Avoid using the word, Why. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner that you needed a microphone?” “Why can’t you do it this way?”
    Talk in “I” vs. “You” messages. I-messages tend to keep the communication less threatening and explosive. You-messages cause defensiveness. “You should have let me know about this person’s needs sooner.” Initiate the conversation from the standpoint of “I.” This doesn’t mean that every statement must start with the word “I.”
    For example: Jack to Rachel
    Wrong way: “You didn’t give me enough notice to change the room set up.”
    Right way: “I’m concerned that we might not have time to reset the room.”
    Involve the person in a solution. Let them know what you can do, not simply what you can’t do. Sometimes you can do more than you think. Maybe there’s a little wiggle room that you had not thought about. Even if you give a slight bit, it feels better than, “No!”
    Use helping words. “How might I help you?” “What can we do to resolve this?” If one thing won’t work, ask “What other ways might make you feel better?”
    Smile and show compassion. Be gracious even if you can’t give them everything they want. It’s hard to be angry at a really nice person.

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    BRIDGETOWN, Barbados ( 5 October, 2012) – A number of students from Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) member countries will inspire ministers and directors of tourism and other tourism leaders to take a fresh look at some of the tourism policies and programmes in their own nations in a spirited debate on two topics of major interest to the region’s tourism sector.
    Thirteen vibrant “Junior Ministers of Tourism” will present creative and innovate approaches to sports tourism and the use of social media in tourism when they participate in the 10th Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress in St. Kitts next week.
    The forum, which mimics a meeting of the CTO Council of Ministers and Commissioners of Tourism, allows the participants the opportunity to present their ideas and vision for the future direction of Caribbean tourism, based on extensive research of various facets of the industry. It also exposes their debating skills and forces them to think on their feet to provide immediate responses to questions on a mystery topic.
    The participating countries include: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Jamaica, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Martin and the US Virgin Islands. Dominican student Kitwanie Carbon, the winner of last year’s Youth Congress, will chair this year’s event.
    The Tourism Youth Congress is an important and popular feature of the CTO State of Industry Conference which will be held from 10 -12 October 2012, under the theme, “Developing a Winning Tourism Strategy”. The Youth Congress will be held in collaboration with the St. Kitts Ministry of Tourism and will be held at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).
    For additional information on the CTO Tourism Youth Congress and the State of the Industry Conference, visit To follow the conference on twitter, use #SOTIC2012.
    The Caribbean Tourism Organization
    The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), with headquarters in Barbados and marketing operations in New York, London and Toronto, is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency and comprises membership of over 30 member governments and a myriad of private sector entities.
    The CTO’s mission is to provide to and through its members, the services and information needed for the development of sustainable tourism for the economic and social benefit of the Caribbean people. The organization provides specialized support and technical assistance to member countries in the areas of marketing, human resource development, research and statistics, information technology and sustainable tourism development. The CTO disseminates information on behalf of its member governments to consumers and the travel trade

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  • The SUNSHINE Awards

    New Jersey, October 2, 2012. The SUNSHINE Awards Organization announced in New Jersey the nominees and recipients of the 2012 SUNSHINE Award. The SUNSHINE Awards Program was founded in 1989 to recognize and honor talented exponents of the performing arts, sports and education of the various Caribbean countries. Over the years the canopy of the program was extended to South America, Central America and Africa.
    This year, the 24th Annual SUNSHINE Awards Program on will be staged on Saturday, October 27, at the AXA Equitable Center in New York City and will be dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. In making the announcement, the Founder of the SUNSHINE Awards Program, Mr. Gilman Figaro, said, “This year, we celebrate not only the talented exponents of the various countries but also the milestone of fifty (50) years of Independence for Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. This milestone invites us not only to reflect on the progress we have made since 1962, (progress in the performing arts, sports and education all of which contribute to human development and a civilized society) but also to confront the challenges of the future.”

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  • GlobalFEST: 10th year of the groundbreaking music festival

    globalFEST (gF) began as a creatively curated bright spot for global music lovers in the dark days of early January in NYC. Over its first decade, gF’s groundbreaking annual 3-stage, 12-band world music showcase/festival has become one of the most catalytic world music events in North America and the premier gateway event for emerging and established artists from around the world.

    globalFEST is also a party, turning winter doldrums into a multi-continent romp at one of downtown New York’s most historic venues, spotlighting artists who represent diverse global styles, ranging from traditional and folk to hybrid acts that incorporate classical, rock, jazz, electronic dance music and hip-hop. Since 2003, gF has provided more than one hundred groups from around the world access to stages across North America. globalFEST is committed to keeping ticket prices low – with no increase in the past decade – to encourage festival-goers to explore new and unfamiliar sounds and discover new favorites.

    The last six months have marked milestones in both organizational and programmatic development for globalFEST. Now an independent 501c3 non-profit organization, gF has grown from an annual showcase/festival into a year-round resource for cultural curators, global music artists, and the live music industry as a whole.

    The launch of globalFEST’s Touring Fund (gFTF) offers competitive grant opportunities to all tour-ready gF alumni artists. gFTF is an innovative program designed to encourage cultural exchange by offsetting the high cost of touring in the U.S., and to encourage performances in new, underserved markets.

    globalFEST has also expanded its presentations outside of NY. In Spring 2012, globalFEST brought its curatorial vision to stages at SXSW, the country’s most influential independent music conference and festival and atBonnaroo, one of the country’s most beloved festivals. gF artists performed alongside Radiohead, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fun, Questlove, Bon Iver, and St. Vincent. Through these events, gF and the participating artists garnered national coverage in such media as SPIN magazine, The New York Times and the Austin-Statesman.

    This September, globalFEST presents events on two continents: including a day-long showcase of eight New York-based diaspora artists at Paris’Festival d’île de France, and collaboration between Debo Band and Forro in the Dark with the legendary Joshua Light Show at NYU’s Skirball Center

    gF is now planning for its next phase of development providing expanded service for the performing arts field in general and the world music field in particular. It is uniquely positioned to have impact on the entire live music industry-in NYC and beyond.

    The festival directors, Bill Bragin of Acidophilus: Live & Active Cultures, Isabel Soffer of Live Sounds and Shanta Thake of Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater- along with a dedicated cadre of volunteers – produce this highly anticipated event on an entirely unpaid basis.

    We rely on the generosity of our Kickstarter supporters to help make all these ambitious programs possible, and we thank you! Please give as much as you can, and help spread the word!

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  • International Reggae Artist Anthony B Hospitalized

    New York, New York (October 9, 2012). At approximately 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 6, International Reggae Artist Anthony B, collapsed shortly after his performance at a Dallas, Texas night club and is now hospitalized.

    “At this time there is no confirmation from the doctors as to the exact diagnosis, but we strongly believe that Anthony B has been overworked and strongly suspect dehydration” says Ronnie Tomlinson, Anthony B’s publicist.

    It is still unknown how long he will be admitted for but as the information becomes available, his fans and the public will be notified. Anthony B is currently admitted at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas TX.

    We are praying for a speedy recovery as we have faith Jah Rastafari will see him through.

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  • A Consistent Karma dominates Miami Carnival 2K12

    POS, Trinidad – This past weekend the energy and excitement of Caribbean vibrations invaded the South Florida city of Miami. Being the last major stop on the annual Carnival calendar, hundreds of partygoers, entertainers and event promoters enjoyed the Columbus weekend in fine style. Not to be left out of the action, Ravi B, Nisha B and the band Karma brought Chutney-Soca flavour to many of Miami’s main events.

    Karma, which has been on a steady roll with several high profile regional and international appearances and recently copped the award for ‘Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year’ at the 2012 International Soca Awards graced the stages of top Miami Carnival events such as Girl, Power, R.AV.E. and the W Fete.

    Nisha B shined as she took centre stage at the famous Thursday night Miami fete, ‘Girl Power’. Despite still recovering from leg surgery, the queen bee of Karma brought the bacchanal with her powerful renditions of Chutney, Soca, Hip-Hop and Dance music. As the event’s only Chutney-Soca entertainer, she gracefully held her own on a cast which included Barbados’ Alison Hinds and Machel Montano HD.

    Karma’s Ravi B also made waves and excited audiences with his delivery of multiple music genres at the Saturday night staple, R.A.V.E. (Real Artist Vibe Experience) and ignited the popular South Beach strip as he took to the stage at the well known establishment Mangos alongside Patrice Roberts, Rupee, Skinny Fabulous, Swappi, TC and Shal Marshal.

    Most notably, Nisha and Ravi alongside vocalist Gregory Ayuen and their dynamic musicians had an impressive showing at ‘The W Fete’ which was held at Solare Gardens. The new event which is destined to be a Friday night Miami Carnival favourite featured Karma in full force in an intimate venue complete with fan interaction and the full audience participation for which the band is renowned.

    The members of Karma thoroughly enjoyed their 2012 Miami Carnival experience and they are always grateful to touch base and perform for their South Florida fans. As they continue to wrap up their remaining tours for this year which include trips to Guyana, Orlando and Toronto they hinted of new music to be released soon from the camp for T&T’s Carnival 2013.

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  • Konshens Shuts-Down Kampala, Uganda

    New York, New York (October 10, 2012). Despite the wet weather, recent decline in patrons supporting international artistes and high ticket prices, high riding international dancehall artiste Konshens was still able to pull over twenty-thousand patrons to Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, Kampala, for Uganda’s Golden Jubilee.

    On Friday October 5, Konshens was added to the “music history book”. By 8:00 p.m. the traffic outside the Kampala Rugby Grounds was bumper to bumper. Patrons started rolling into the venue and taking their positions for the night. Konshens would take the stage at a few minutes before 11:00 p.m. in a burgandy and black plaid blazer, white t-shirt, dark blue jeans and burgandy combat boots. The crowd erupted as they heard “How Da Party Ya Look Suh” from offstage. Konshens entered the stage serving hits one after the other including ‘Forward’, ‘No Retreat No Surrender’, ‘Bad Gyal’, and Simple Song.

    Konshens later declared during his performance “Uganda and Jamaica are both 50 years old and tonight, I will make sure you get value for each dollar you spent at the entrance”.

    He introduced SubKonshus artist Darrio who electrified the crowd with his single “Hold On” and “School Fee”. Another crowd pleaser was “Siddung”, the number one song in Jamaica which is currently being played in the clubs and on radio in Uganda.
    “This was one of the best shows ever in Ugandan history, we thank Konshens and can’t wait for him to come back to Uganda” says a fan who attended the concert.

    During his set, Konshens introduced Ugandan artist Jose Chameleon who sampled his song Valu Valu. The crowd went wild and Konshens reinforced the point that Chameleon is the baddest artist in Uganda.

    “It was an epic night….Happy 50th Uganda and Thanks for the Love” Konshens said.
    Back in Jamaica, Konshens is gearing up for a host of events he has scheduled this Heroes Weekend on the island. Then he is off to New York for his final performance in the city for the year, on Wednesday, October 17th 2012 at SOBs.

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  • Jamaica’s & Florida’s #1 Party Series Comes To New York

    New York, U.S.A (Mpr & Shuzzr Consulting) – Jamaica & Florida #1 Party Series Comes To NY on November 25th, 2012. The 3 years old event known as “Be Your Own Bartender – Bring Your Own Liquor – Bring Your Own Igloo” will be like no other seen in New York. from the hookah bar to the foam machine, Igloo promises endless surprises!
    IGLOO affords you the opportunity to determine what you drink…be it HEINEKEN, WHITE RUM or RED RUM, VODKA, WINE, COGNAC, WHISKEY, TEQUILA or SCOTCH..”you can have whatever you like! You are your own bartender”!

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  • Morgan Heritage “The Return Tour” Documentary, EP Just Released, Back In The Studio and Heads To Suriname.

    World Wide (Mpr Consulting/Shuzzr PR) – If you are a reggae music lover than you know that Morgan Heritage reunited and toured over the summer to support the release of their EP “The Return” which has been released this past week on iTunes! Their return to the stage had been long awaited and much anticipated, Morgan Heritage performed at several music festivals throughout Europe, they were even caught up in the UK Olympics festivities, and while on stage took time out in mid performance to acknowledge and congratulate Usain Bolt. For the fans who unfortunately could not be there, Morgan Heritage is taking you behind and in front of the scene with their “Return Tour” short documentary. The documentary can be seen on their youtube channel MorganHeritageTV
    No rest for the band as Morgan Heritage will be back in studio this fall completing the full album which will be released early 2013 and “The Return Tour” will be heading to Suriname on December 29th, 2012 for a one night performance at Flamboyant Park.
    The Morgan family has several diverse projects, from Jemere Morgan who fans have had the pleasure of seeing perform as opening act on several leg of the tour who is presently in studio with Gappy Ranks working on single for his debut album, while his father Gramps Morgan has completed his first solo tour of Australia and the South Pacific Islands to rave reviews. Respectively Mojo Morgan and sister Una Morgan are in studio working on their own solo projects slated for release in 2013.

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  • “Haitian music singers Arly Lariviere and Bélo share stage on Sunday”–Stevy Mahy photos from Lincoln center Atrium

    Two popular Haitian singers will share a stage together in North Miami, showcasing Haitian music. One is half of the singing duo in one of Haiti’s most popular konpa bands, wooing couples on dance floors from Port-au-Prince to Palm Beach with his seductive, crooning voice into a slow melodic trance week after week.

    The other is a solo artist whose performances of socially conscious lyrics, fused with Haitian roots, reggae and jazz rhythms have taken him as far as the African continent and garnered him an inter-generational following.

    On Sunday, Sept. 30, both Arly Lariviere of Nu Look and Bélo will be together for the first time, sharing center stage as Moca Café in North Miami hosts another edition of Jazzy Sundays.

    “This show with Arly Lariviere is going to be a very special one,” said Bélo. “I am pretty sure the crowd is going to love it.”

    Rodney Noel, part-owner of the Haitian-themed restaurant and lounge, said while the event has jazz in the name it’s all about promoting Haitian music in a laid-back setting that gives artists a chance to showcase Haiti’s vibrant sound.

    Speaking from his Palm Beach County home, Lariviere made it clear he isn’t embarking on a solo career. But Sunday’s showcase, he said, is a chance for him to introduce fans to a repertoire of music he doesn’t always get to play when performing with the band.

    “There will be a lot of variety for the people to appreciate,” Lariviere said, noting that some will be familiar love songs, and others will be new. “There is a public that loves to sit down and appreciate music, people who don’t usually go to the dances but want to sit and appreciate music.”

    In July, hundreds crowded the Café to listen to Bélo. The performance demanded an encore, said Noel, citing high demand especially among those who missed it.

    During that performance, a laid back Bélo played his guitar and sung from the heart, telling attendees, “I want to play with you, not for you.” He had no pre-determined list, he said as he sung in English and Creole. He’s looking forward to his repeat appearance, he said Wednesday. “It’s always a pleasure to meet my fellow Haitians and share the love with them, and of course bring the heat of the Caribbean sun, Haiti to the USA,” he said.

    In addition to South Florida, Bélo also will be brining that “Caribbean sun” to several other U.S. cities in the coming months as part of a diplomacy initiative by the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The initiative Center State features artists from several countries including fellow Haitian performers Ti-Coca & Wanga-Nègès and dance troupe Compagnie de Danse Jean-René Delsoin.

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  • Tad’s Record’s New Release, Richie Spice Soothing Sounds: Acoustic, is Now Available for Pre-Order

    New York, NY (FOX FUSE) – Tad’s Record’s latest release comes from conscious reggae icon Richie Spice, with his new album Soothing Sounds: Acoustic, now available for pre-order on iTunes and worldwide on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 . Born Richell Bonner in St. Andrew, Jamaica, the Prince of Reggae teams up with Tad’s Record and some of reggae’s biggest hit-makers on this 15-track acoustic opus of socially-conscious, roots reggae tunes that have made the entertainer an international staple for reggae lovers.

    Soothing Sounds: Acoustic is a masterpiece collection that is testament to the evolution of Richie Spice, showcasing an eclectic mix of musical elements that fuse classic reggae vibes with modern day acoustic rock, Spanish guitar, jazz and African drum beats. The first single, an uplifting call for unity titled “Free,” is currently available on iTunes, and remains in heavy rotation in Jamaica and across reggae airwaves, worldwide.

    The video for “Free,” produced by Richie Spice and directed by Scorpio 21, debuted on television channels in Jamaica last week, and gains traction for the growing classic. The video depicts the plight of people who are chained to material influences, but through being true to themselves, they break those shackles and eventually become free, and find happiness therein.

    “It was important for me to do a song like ‘Free’ because so many people are not,” reveals Richie Spice. “I want to encourage everyone, everywhere, who is tied down and pressured to be something they are not, to be themselves. Free up yourself, and you will find truth, light and happiness in that freedom.”


    The second single “Crying,” which depicts Spice’s signature chanting-style as he conjures socially-conscious questions, is also enjoying airplay on radio, and is now available for sale on iTunes. The “Crying” video was just shot on location in Jamaica and will be released later this month. Standout tracks such as “True Love,” “My Heart” and “My Girl” put a new spin on classics from Spice’s esteemed catalog. Spice enlists help from some of reggae’s top musicians, including Mitchum “Khan” Chin who co-produced the album, Robbie Shakespeare and Stephen “Lenky” Marsden. He also makes it a family affair with his brothers Spanner Banner and Snatcha Lion on the collaboration “More Love.”

    “The response that we have been receiving since publicizing the release of Soothing Sounds: Acoustic was so overwhelming, we knew that we had to put the product up for pre-order,” states Tad Dawkins, President of Tad’s Record. “Richie Spice’s credibility as an artist of exceptional quality is obviously known and applauded and so, once again, we must say that it is our esteemed pleasure to be affiliated with such a great artist.”

    About Richie Spice

    Considered one of the most prolific voices and profound lyricists in contemporary roots reggae, Richie Spice spiraled to international fame over a decade ago and consistently delivers critically acclaimed albums ever since, even reaching the very top spot on Billboard’s Reggae Albums Chart in 2008.
    His blockbuster hit “Youth Dem Cold” peaked at 59 on Billboard’s Top 100 Singles Chart, was featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and as the coveted closing track on the feature film, Attack The Block.

    His catalog of other chart-toppers include “Earth A Run Red,” “Groovin’ My Girl,” “Marijuana,” “Brown Skin” and “The Plane Land,” all of which have amassed massive airplay internationally, solidifying Richie Spice as a revered voice in reggae music and catapulting him to the very forefront of the genre.

    About Tad’s Record

    Tad’s Record Inc. is a record production, publishing company based in Kingston, Jamaica with its main office located in Miami, Florida.

    Tad’s Record has been in the music business for over thirty (30) years and boasts a catalog showcasing artistes such as Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Richie Spice, Prezident Brown, Turbulence, Anthony B, Perfect, and many more, who cover the spectrum of reggae and dancehall music.

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  • Patti Astor / FUN Gallery…The True Story

    MFD – Manhattan Fashion Directory and Clic Gallery and Bookstore are pleased to present the in-store signing of downtown New York legend Patti Astor’s first book, FUN Gallery…The True Story on October 6th from 5-8 pm. FUN Gallery…The True Story is a memoir recounting Astor’s experiences as a ballerina turned young anti-Vietnam revolutionary who eventually went on to open what turned into the most famous art gallery in the world.

    FUN Gallery…The True Story focuses on the wild and wooly “downtown” days in New York’s legendary East Village. From punk rock at CBGB’s in 1975 with local bands Talking Heads, Blondie, and Television to the independent film scene with Jon Jarmusch and Spike Lee to the early 80’s art explosion, Patti Astor was at the center of the storm. The title refers to her adventures at her tenement storefront art gallery with artists Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, Fab 5 Freddy, and Julian Schnabel along with art world icons, Leo Castelli, Mary Boone, Tony Shafrazi and Andy Warhol.

    Astor states, “I wanted everyone who walked through that door to feel, ‘Yes I can make a difference here’…Both the “Oldsters” like LEE, who lived through it, and the “Youngsters,” like Shepard Fairey, who missed it have told me how much they wish they could go back and be in the FUN Gallery again. With this book I take you there.”

    FUN Gallery…The True Story was edited by celebrity stylist, Angelique Max of Manhattan Fashion Directory. She describes Astor as a “true star who tells the uncut story about owning the most famous art gallery in the world. I found myself completely immersed in her book. She writes with high-energy, wit, charm and honesty. Her story is a lively behind-the-scenes slice of New York Art history.”

    Guests will have an opportunity to purchase FUN Gallery…The True Story and meet the author.

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  • Tour Announcement – New Kingston Announce U.S. Dates / Oct 7 Opening for The Green At Brooklyn Bowl

    After a recent stint of shows in Hawaii, New Kingston heads to the mainland for a full-fledged U.S. tour in support of their recent 2-song release ‘Your Turn To Cry.’ On October 7th, the reggae trio and former Collie Buddz backing band will open for The Green at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl and continue to perform in major cities spanning the West and Midwest until the end of November. For the most up-to-date tour schedule please visit

    Known for fusing their reggae sound with modern pop, jazz and r&b music, New Kingston is a young vocalist/instrumentalist group consisting of three brothers Tahir a.k.a. SLIM (keyboards/vocals), Courtney (drums/vocals) and Stephen a.k.a SUKI (guitar/vocals). They have worked with artists like Collie Buddz, Mr.Vegas, Morgan Heritage, Gyptian and Shabba Ranks and toured non-stop since the release of their second album ‘In The Streets.’

    Their latest digital only selection ‘Your Turn To Cry’ is available on VP Records and features the title track plus new single “Waiting On The World To Change.”

    New Kingston U.S. Tour Dates:
    Oct 07 Brooklyn Bowl (21+) Brooklyn, NY
    Oct 18 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
    Oct 19 Knitting Factory Concert House Spokane, WA
    Oct 20 2012 Heineken City Arts Fest Seattle, WA
    Oct 22 Wow Hall Eugene, OR
    Oct 24 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA
    Oct 26 Arcata Theater Arcata, CA
    Oct 27 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA
    Oct 28 SLO BREW San Luis Obispo, CA
    Oct 30 Fulton 55 Fresno, CA
    Oct 31 McNear’s Mystic Theater Petaluma, CA
    Nov 01 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA
    Nov 02 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA
    Nov 03 Martini Ranch Scottsdale, AZ
    Nov 04 The Green Room Flagstaff, AZ
    Nov 07 Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, NM
    Nov 08 Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
    Nov 09 Fox Theatre Boulder, CO
    Nov 10 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
    Nov 11 The Waiting Room Omaha, NE
    Nov 13 Wooly’s Des Moines, IA
    Nov 14 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN
    Nov 15 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL
    Nov 16 High Noon Saloon Madison, WI
    Nov 17 The Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, MI

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  • KC Jockey’s “Toast To The Dads” Debuts on iPhones Everywhere Today via Disney’s Tap Tap Revenge: Tour

    Karl-Marx Waite of Sweet Sadie’s Records announced today that the wait is over! Pop/R&B artist KC Jockey’s single “Toast To The Dads,” which has been steadily climbing the charts and exploding in video views along with his other singles, is debuting today on Disney’s new iPhone app, Tap Tap Revenge: Tour. The app is the most recent in the game’s series. The original version, Tap Tap Revolution was released in September 2007, and the series continues to be one of the most popular games available to iPhone users.

    KC Jockey commented, “This is really an exciting time for me. The music that I make, which has relevance and meaning, is not only resonating with my fans, but is now popular in the world of digital media and corporate America as well. That’s a good feeling because every word and lyric comes from the heart and addresses issues of concern to me that affect all of us in one way or another. It’s a testimony to the fact that people still love music with a message. Yes, fans want to dance, but they want to be inspired, motivated, and touched as well. I’m blessed that I am able to write from my heart and have it celebrated by such a phenomenal company as Disney.”

    Commenting on “Toast To The Dads,” Paul Anderson of The Entertainment Bank said, “Much respect goes out to KC Jockey for his very hip and happening tribute to all of the great fathers and dads of the world. There are many men who are providing for and nurturing their children, yet all we seem to hear about are those who aren’t so great. With “Toast To The Dads,” KC Jockey sings a passionate tribute to his own father and all others who are striving to do the right thing. It’s a strong single with positive, heartfelt lyrics that will touch any real dad’s heart, and make those who are failing for whatever reason rethink their positions and remember the honor that comes with this responsibility. This is such a great message, and like all of KC Jockey’s songs, it’s set to an up tempo pop/R&B beat infused with reggae that is great for dancing or just listening to. The music is excellent, and as always, I’m impressed by KC Jockey’s commitment to all things positive. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk as well.”

    KC Jockey attributes the success of his music to his unique style of combining pop, R&B, and reggae with a topic that will have meaning and relevance for a lifetime. “The music I make is timeless and significant. It’s deep, and when you have a good sound and a good message, people are drawn to it.” KC Jockey owns his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Records.

    The video for KC Jockey’s latest song, “Livinin Love,” was released just 3 weeks ago, and already has more than 675,000 views on YouTube. “Girl, You’re Free,” has been riding the wave of success for well over a year now, and has over 745,000 YouTube views.

    “Toast To The Dads,” “Livinin Love,” and “Girl, You’re Free” can all be purchased on iTunes or

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  • HBO Latin America and Karib Cable Reach Broadcast Agreement

    ST. VINCENT and THE GRENADINES, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — HBO Latin America Group (LAG) and Karib Cable formally announced that both Companies have signed an agreement for the transmission of the HBO LAG channels to be broadcasted in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, beginning October 1st.

    Under the agreement, Karib Cable will broadcast the HBO/MAX Premium package developed for the Caribbean, which includes 8 channels: HBO, HBO Plus, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO (East), Max, Max HD and Max Prime. Starting on October 1st, viewers will be able to select and subscribe to their favorite HBO and MAX channels via Karib Cable’s movie package to enjoy over 300 new releases and series per month, offering the most award-winning and nominated series made exclusively for HBO, Hollywood hit movies, thought-provoking documentaries, concert events, comedy specials, HBO Original Films and critically acclaimed programming all with no commercial breaks.

    “HBO Latin America is very enthusiastic with the signing of a new and long-lasting relationship with Karib Cable and its subscribers. After months of negotiating with us, Karib Cable is making sure that its viewers enjoy Premium programming, including acclaimed original series like True Blood, Game of Thrones, Treme and Boardwalk Empire, and shows like Real Time with Bill Maher,” said Javier Figueras, Vice President of Sales for HBO Latin America Group. “We both share the mission to deliver the most innovative shows with the best technology available to the market.”

    Karib Cable will also add the following HBO channels to their basic line-up, at no additional cost to subscribers:

    • Sony Entertainment Television, an entertainment channel that offers the best drama, comedy, reality and late night shows to provide viewers a great choice to take a break and relax.
    • Sony SPIN, presenting the best programming geared towards the millennium generation with TV shows, fashion, cutting edge technology, music shows, special events and top grossing movies, with an updated and irreverent approach.
    • AXN, offering an exclusive schedule of drama and action-packed series, movies, reality and sports programming from the US.
    • E! Entertainment Television, going beyond the screen and becoming a part of the viewers’ lifestyle. Celebrities, fashion experts and star hopefuls are featured on the true stories, dazzling red carpets and fun-filled realities.
    • Warner Channel, bringing viewers the TV series and movies produced by Hollywood’s number one studio, Warner Bros, with programs from a wide variety of genres, including comedy, drama, action, thriller, sci-fi and feature films.

    “Karib Cable is pleased to sign a new broadcast agreement with HBO that will enable us to offer more exciting new channels to customers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The robust suite of HBO channels in our Movie Package, along with the addition of Sony, Sony Spin, AXN and WB to the Premium Basic line-up will enhance and offer our valued customers a variety of additional entertainment choices”, said Ed Riley, General Manager of Karib Cable.

    With this agreement, Karib Cable is leading the way with cutting-edge technology and the best in premium entertainment for St. Vincent & the Grenadines by entering HBO Latin America’s licensing regulation process. Following previous agreements between HBO and several cable partners throughout the Caribbean including Flow in Jamaica, Cable Bahamas in the Bahamas, various in Trinidad & Tobago and other countries in the region, Karib Cable is positioned to provide the best entertainment value for their subscribers now and in the future.

    About HBO Latin America Group(SM)

    HBO Latin America Group(SM) is composed of affiliates of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. and Ole Communications Group. The HBO Latin America Group of companies own, operate and distribute the leading cable and satellite programming services in Latin America, Brazil and the Caribbean, including HBO, HBO2, HBO Signature, HBO Plus, HBO Family, HBO Caribbean, HBO HD, HBO ON DEMAND, MAX, MAX HD, MaxPrime. Cinemax, A&E, A&E HD, , Animax, AXN, AXN HD, E! Entertainment Television, Sony Entertainment Television, Sony Entertainment Television HD, Sony Spin, The Biography Channel, The History Channel, The History Channel HD, Warner Channel, and Warner Channel HD.

    About Karib Cable

    Karib Cable/Kelcom has established itself as one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Caribbean region. It’s policies of reinvestment of shareholder funds, stringent cost controls and sound cash management, has enabled the company to take advantage of potential opportunities in the market place and to provide consistent growth throughout its history. Karib Cable’s services are based on sound technical knowledge of telecommunications though its own in-house specialists, a well established direct communications platform with its partners and suppliers, local networks that can provide shared services with the minimum of complications, backbone networks that are rugged and resilient, inter-Island networks that use the most modern and proven technology and leading edge hardware and software designed to work in harmony to offer the best in quality communications services.

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  • World Sound System Music Festival postponed

    The organisers of the inaugural World Sound System Music Festival, originally scheduled for October 13 and 14, 2012, at the Constant Spring Golf Club, have announced that the event has been postponed.

    The two-day musical feast intended to showcase 16 of the top sound systems from across the globe, and included overseas sounds such as Shashamane International (Africa), Downbeat The Ruler (NY),One Love (Italy), Saxon High Power (UK) and King Turbo (Canada). The brainchild of internationally acclaimed singer, Freddie McGregor, whose Big Ship Productions was at the helm of the production. It was with much regret that Freddie announced the postponement of the event.

    “We all wanted this event to be a reality for this year and we really did our best to get things moving. We had commitments from sponsors for which we are grateful, but, unfortunately we had difficulties with getting the necessary work permits in time for the event. Therefore, we had to take the painful decision to postpone the festival until next year,” Freddie explained.

    According to producer, Ricky Chin of Ricardo Chin Production Services (RCPS), the two-day festival was of such magnitude that there was absolutely no way that they could have scaled down without compromising the production.

    “The World Sound System Music Festival is no ordinary event. We are talking about sixteen of the highest ranking sound systems drawn from the four corners of the earth housed in one venue, which we plan to transform into the wickedest dancehall anywhere on Planet Earth. We expect the entire Jamaica and music fans from across the world to be part of this history-making event,and because of that we just could not afford to compromise anything production-wise. We are hoping that the World Sound System Music Festival will put Kingston on the map as the entertainment capital of Jamaica,” Chin declared.

    The festival is now scheduled for 2013, and according to Freddie, he and his team will be working assiduously to stage a magnificent event that truly pays tribute to the important role the sound system has played in the development of Jamaica’s music.

    “The sound system is where it all started and the World Sound System Music Festival is acknowledging and paying tribute to the ‘sound’. We owe a great debt of gratitude to persons like the great Count Machuki, Sir Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid and all the early pioneers whose vision and ingenuity have made all of what is happening with our music possible. And, as Jamaicans, we need to come out and celebrate our rich musical heritage. The youngsters will learn a lot about our music and those with experience will get a chance to relive those glorious days,” stated the award-winning singer and producer, who has built a solid foundation through his Big Ship Productions label.

    The captain of the Big Ship, while noting that the theme of the event will remain the same: ‘The Lights and Sounds of Jamaica’, apologised to the sound system owners, the selectors and all those who were looking forward to the event.

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  • Creole Heritage Month Revved Up By “OKTOBERFEST EN Kweyol” This Sunday!

    Zouk master Luc Leandry of Guadeloupe (now based in France), will be the headline performer at this year’s “Oktoberfest En Kweyol” in Saint Lucia. Now in its fifth year “Oktoberfest En Kweyol” will take place this Sunday October 7, 2012 at Samaans Park from 2 PM. The event is a grand potpourri of French creole cuisine, culture and entertainment (as it forms part of activities for Creole heritage month here in Saint Lucia) and beers imported from various countries, borrowing on the traditions of the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
    Quite apart from having some of the best beers available for this year’s “Oktoberfest En Kweyol,” organizers have said that they are all set to deliver a stellar line up of performers, including Luc Leandry. “We have gone all out since this is our fifth year to ensure that not only do we provide patrons with some of the best beers from around the world, but that we have a great cast in terms of our performers as well reflecting that rich Kweyol heritage theme,” Sylvester Henry of WLBL says.
    Luc Leandry whose career spans two decades has recorded just as many albums, starting with his debut “Fanm Bon Kanal” in the 80’s. A major Zouk star, Leandry is a producer, singer, songwriter and musician who have done countless studio time with every Zouk artist imaginable, writing, arranging and performing over 2000 songs in the process. His “live” performances have been described as legendary, driving crowds into a frenzy around the world. Leandry is a favourite in St. Martin, Aruba, Reunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica and is guaranteed to be in Saint Lucia as well, after his performance at “Oktoberfest En Kweyol” this Sunday, organizers say.

    Sunday’s “Oktoberfest En Kweyol” will also feature K’rib Fusion featuring Thierry Lof of Martinique. During this year’s annual Saint Lucia Jazz debut of Moon Rover Jazz in Canaries, K’rib fusion was a hit with their scintillating souf zouk sounds. Thierry Lof himself has been placed as a master vocalist since the debut of his album Pou Yo in 2001 and is a most welcomed addition to the line-up.
    Saint Lucia’s very own DYP, now very much a part of “Oktoberfest En Kweyol” and never a disappointing group in terms of their performance, will be on show this Sunday. DYP will also be backing up Soca artistes Kakal who has been consistent in his delivery of creole Soca music. Added into Sunday’s mix of indigenous rhythms and cultural performances will be Lighting Stars with their fire eating, limbo and masquerade performance, traditional group Mamai La Kai, Avot Sevis drumming group and the Harmonites Steel Pan group. Mc’s for the day will be Ezi Hall and Pringles.
    The annual Oktoberfest En Kweyol, staged by Windward and Leeward Brewery Limited is endorsed by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and the Folk Research Centre here and is also heavily supported by The Wave 94.5, Sea Island Cotton Shop, Bay Gardens Resorts, RCI 101.1 and Landmark Events.

    The event will feature a wide range of food vendors and suppliers offering creole food and delicacies. The beers at this year’s event will included the original Oktoberfest beer Paulaner, last year’s hit Desperados (a tequila flavoured beer) from France, Murphy’s Irish Red from Ireland, Heineken Dark, Strongbow gold, Parbo beer from Suriname and La Biere Lorraine from Martinique.

    WLBL’s own portfolio will be there as well and includes Heineken, Guinness, Rooster Select, Amstel Bright and Piton, celebrating its 20th anniversary this month.
    Patrons coming early will also get a free taste of the annual one time only brew Master’s special.

    Tickets for this year’s Oktoberfest En Kweyol on Sunday October 7 cost EC$30 and gates will open at 1 PM. The 5th Annual “Oktoberfest En Kweyol”, “anou ale’!”

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    On Friday Jamaicans are asked to wear Black to signal their mourning for the recent rapes which include the double rape of an 8 year old; read Kartel’s view on that from the book: Chapter 4, Page 85.

    We are told that Black Magic is evil, when someone has information and demands money its blackmail, when your song is banned its blacklisted, the day the stock market crashed is black Monday and the list goes on. A black cat crossing your path is danger, so is a black bird but a white dove means peace and serenity.

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  • 21st Hapilos Digital Releases Must Have King Jammys “Best Of” Collection For All Reggae Music Lovers

    JA, U.S.A (21st Hapilos News) – For all reggae and music lovers here comes a must have in your collection. 21st Hapilos Digital has released a collection of legendary King Jammys “Best Of”. These 10 ultimate albums are the first of many more classics to be released.
    King Jammy name is cemented in the history of dancehall and reggae, coming from humble and meager beginnings by earning money from building amplifiers and repairing electrical equipment from his mother’s house in Waterhouse in the late 1960s, he started his own sound system. After leaving Jamaica to work in Canada for a few years in the early 1970s, he returned to Kingston in 1976 and set up his own studio at his in-laws’ home in Waterhouse.
    In the late 1970s he began to release his own productions, including the debut album from Black Uhuru in 1977. In the 1980s, he became one of the most influential producers of dancehall music. His biggest hit was 1985’s “Under Me Sleng Teng” by Wayne Smith, with an entirely-digital rhythm hook. Many credit this song as being the first “Digital rhythm” in reggae, leading to the modern dancehall era. Jammy’s productions and sound system dominated reggae music for the remainder of the 1980s and into the 1990s. He continues to work as a producer, working with some of today’s top Jamaican artists. (Watch King Jammys Documentary “King At The Control below).
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Gregory Isaacs
    The New York Times, described the late legendary Gregory Isaacs as “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae” . This timeless EP gives you Come Give Me Your Love, Cool It Down, Dapper Slapper, Do Lord, Flirting Around, Gone Is The Love, Johnnys Girlfriend, Medley, Pride Won’t Let Me and two Time Loser round up this 10 tracks EP.
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Horace Andy
    Roots and Reggae singer songwriter, Horace Andy distinctive sound has made his music timeless. He topped the charts with his most enduring songs “Skylarking”, and went on to more success with Again, Bless You, Fever, Found Somebody New, Girl I Love You, Love Of A Woman, Money Money, Never See My Baby Anymore, Oh Mammy and See It Deh. all featured on this EP.
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Michael Prophet
    Citing Bob Andy has his musical influence, Michael Prophet is best known for his known for his “crying” tenor vocal style. The EP features some of Michael’s most memorable hits. Dem Want Me Stop, Give Me Now, It’s Coming Down, Ketch Dem Fraid, Lady Lady, Never leave Me Lonely, No Give Me Trouble, She Want Me, Too Chat Chat and Wat A Agony.
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Sugar Minott
    Sugar Minott death was such a lost for the world, but his music lives eternal. From his beginning of playing on sound systems to producing and writing Sugar Minott legacy is timeless music. The EP features Be careful, Give The People What They Want, I’m Not For Sale, Never Too Young, On The Right Track, Our Day Will Come, Pay You Back, Reach Out & Touch, Rub A Dub Market and Worries & Troubles.
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Tamlins
    Gaining international recognition from being Peter Tosh back-up singers, The Tamlins have also made their own mark on reggae music. The EP features the hit singles Got To Be A Way, Holding On, I Will Always Love You, it’s Changing, Never Give Up On You, Red Eye, Stormy CLouds, This Hearts For You, Time and You Got To Change
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Barry Brown
    Finding success under record producer Bunny Lee, Barry Brown found success successful and recognition in the early dancehall era with such hits featured on this album. Ain’t Gonna Turn Back, Big Big Pollution, Conscious Dreadlocks, Far East, I Love My Woman, It Ago Dread, Jah Jah Is Calling, Ram Jam Session, Singer Man and Stand On My Own Feet
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Eccleton Jarrett
    Getting his break at King Jammy’s studio, he worked with Leroy Gibbons for the track ‘Be My Lady’ and released songs including ‘Fling It Up Operator’, ‘Dance Hall Music’, ‘Thanks And Praise’. 1990 saw Eccleton burst out of the Jamaican dancehalls into the charts of England and Europe, finding success with songs like dancehall anthem ‘Turn On The Heat featured on this 10 track EP’. Cross River Jordon, Do You Still Want Me, Don’t Ease Up, Don’t get Jumpy, Mr.Collie Man, Poor Man Feel It, Ready We ready, Really Love Your Daughter, Soundboy Bite The Dust and Turn On The Heat.
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of General Trees
    His name is synonymous with 1980’s dancehall, General Trees distinctive deejay style has delivered hits featured on this EP such as Get Ready, Love In Armagedon Time, Mad Man Party, Me Here, Nah Go Run, This A The Boom, Travelling Man, Treat Woman Right, Wat A Agony and You Gimme Love
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Johnny Clarke
    Conscious rasta singer Johnny Clarke who was the first Jamaican artists signed to Virgin Records’ Frontline subsidiary back in 1976 sings music to deliver a message. The EP features Baby Don’t Go, Capable Of Loving Me, Darling I Need Your Loving, Going To The Top, Good Good Feeling, Life Is Not Easy, Rock U Affi Rock, Swing My Love, Wanna Be Love and You Give me Love.
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Linval Thompson Album Track Listing: A Nuh Nutten, Can’t Stop The Ghetto Youth, If You Lose Me, Let’s Not Fight, Fuss & Fight, Ready Fe Dem, She Gone, Six Babylon, Suzie Wong and Train To Zion.

    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Barry Brown
    King Jammys Presents Of Eccelton Jarrett
    King Jammys Presents Of General Trees

    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Gregory Isaacs
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Horace Andy
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Johnny Clarke

    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Linval Thompson
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Michael Prophet
    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Sugar Minott

    King Jammys Presents The Best Of Tamlins

    Click To Watch King Jammys Documentary “King At The Control”

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    She is splendor, she is beauty, she is Mas, she is plenty bumper bacchanal, she is you, she is we, she is Carnival and she, is ready.

    Building on the undeniable stirrings of Carnival in the air, Machel Montano unites once again with Precision Productions to produce his very first release for the 2013 season.

    The song “She Ready” embodies the unique energy of our yearly festival into the beautiful Trinbagonian female form.

    In this vivacious number the delightful curves, twists, and mid-section rotating skills of our women were cunningly captivated by Precision’s newly discovered 16-year old musical writing phenom, Josiah St. Lewis-Noray.

    This tribute, which describes the multitude of emotions felt at this time of year is told by Machel as only he can; giving life to the witty lyrics, while connecting with the seductive core of the Precision track, and creating yet another hit from this stellar team of musicians. ©Mystie Thongs

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  • Jah Vinci working with Red Boom

    After taking a break from releasing rhythm driven projects, Red Boom is getting ready to charge back on the scene with his “pure badness riddim”. A raw edgy beat which he says was created strictly for the streets, and will feature artists such as, Jah Vinci, Merciless, 3 Star, Karamanti and several others.

    For the past few weeks, Jah Vinci has been doing a lot of work with Red Boom, as the two are compiling songs which will more than likely be added to the singer’s upcoming album. A few singles that are being made available to fans now are “rich 2 time”, “weh mi ago do” ft. IQ and “lets rock” ft. Scantana. Persons may listen to all three tracks here:

    Many are saying that Jah Vinci is making a comeback and as such, he has linked up with the right producer. Though both men were affiliated with the Gaza camp in the past, they each went their separate ways after leaving the crew. Jah Vinci continued on with Notnice while Red Boom linked up with Frenz For Real. Now that they have officially started to work together, music lovers can expect great things!

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  • IRAWMA RETURNS TO SOUTH FLORIDA FOR 32nd STAGING May 4, 2013, Coral Springs Center for the Arts

    By special request and popular demand, the Annual
    International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), produced by Martin’s International,
    returns to South Florida for its 32nd Anniversary, for the fifth time in 26 years. On Saturday,
    May 4th, 2013, the prestigious Coral Springs Center for the Arts
    , 2855 Coral Springs Drive,
    in Coral Springs/Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be the site for the staging of the star-studded 32nd
    Annual IRAWMA.

    Past IRAWMA Hosting Cities
    In 1987, the Studio 183 in Carol City was the venue for the sold out 6th annual IRAWMA’s first
    South Florida visit. The following year IRAWMA returned to the same venue for another sold
    out event. In 1992 the Sunrise Music Theatre was IRAWMA’s venue of choice for one of its most
    memorable celebrations, which featured the late CBS Trapper John MD star Madge Sinclair,
    Third World, Marcia Griffiths, Andrew Tosh and a host of other celebrities. In 1993 IRAWMA
    made its fourth South Florida hosting in downtown Miami where the Hon. Rita Marley made one
    her most outstanding IRAWMA’s appearances.
    Since its last staging in Florida, IRAWMA has traveled to several cities worldwide. Among those
    cities hosting the IRAWMA, are: Atlanta, New Orleans, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and New York,
    where by popular demand, it stayed for eight consecutive years, primarily at the world famous
    Apollo Theatre, before hosting its 30th Anniversary at the state of the art NAPA in Trinidad.
    Every ten years IRAWMA goes to the Caribbean. After fifteen years on the road, it returned to
    its birthplace, Chicago, in July, 2012 for the 31st celebration which was combined for the first
    time ever with its sister event, the International Festival of Life (IFOL). In 2013, it’s on the
    road again, as the most important celebration for reggae and world music looks forward to the
    great South Florida return at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. Visit or for more information on IRAWMA.
    More than 20 million fans worldwide have viewed the annual IRAWMA via television and
    internet/social network in the last three years. Click here to view TV/video samples. The 32nd IRAWMA will be heavily promoted throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, among other countries. In a few weeks nomination ballots will be released world-wide for reggae and world music experts to contribute in the selection of the 2012 nominees for the most coveted 32nd IRAWMA Awards.

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