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  • Carnival dancehall/soca video Study Rider-Up in Here

    Hello I am Bridget Padalino from Ez-Mak Records & Ent. Study Rider is our dancehall reggae artist from Trinidad. His debut album Yuh Bess is dropping soon, the video link attached is “UP IN HERE” the 2nd single off the Yuh Best Album. Please take a look, enjoy, & upload Study Rider- “Up in Here” .. An energetic dancehall soca inspired track film at Carnival in Trinidad this year!! Please take a listen to our submission of the video, and contact me for more Information on Study Rider music! Hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

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  • NEVAL CHATELAL and MACHEL MONTANO – WONDERS OF THIS WORLD (Trinidad & Tobago) – 2012 DOWNLOAD NOW – Trinidad & Tobago 50 Years of Independence

    Trinidad and Tobago has been blessed with many natural marvels, for which we are world famous, from our living lake of pitch to the unending unique flora and fauna that grace our isles, we truly have many gifts to be grateful for. The true wonder of our nation however, lies in the life force triumphantly bubbling within every single Trinbagonian soul. The splendour and magnificence born within this cornucopia of melded cultures thrives in each of us and flows from our spirit with every step we take.

    In this brand new release from the Going For Gold album, called Wonders of this World (Trinidad and Tobago), Neval Chatelal alongside Machel Montano reflect and showcase the beauty within the people of our twin island republic, which is at times forgotten in the mire of negativity no one can escape.

    The strength and positivity in this song serve as a guiding light focusing our minds and hearts back to nation building ideals and goals. This musical reminder also highlights our role as a pillar in the formation of Caribbean potency and our continuing forward journey to create a region where we all stand as equals and all of our people benefit and grow from the tremendous wealth found here.

    Through difficulties and trying moments it is the voices of those artists who see what we can be that keep us motivated; and in this release Machel and Neval combine to remind us that the pride and joy we feel in celebrating 50 years of independence is not only warranted but also so strongly rooted in the essence of who we are that nothing and no one will ever be able to shake, steal, or destroy our national spirit.

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  • Trinidad & Tobago Top calypso & Soca Hits, 1962-2012

    Bob Marley and his hit, “One Love,” head the list of various reggae surveys published and aired to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence. Can you name the Number One Calypsonian and the Number One Calypso in Trinidad & Tobago during the last 50 years, the post independence era, 1962-2012?

    To celebrate the achievement of independence in August 1962, Trinidad & Tobago held an Independence Calypso King competition; 50 years later, Trinidad & Tobago is holding an Independence Calypso Monarch competition in commemoration of the nation’s golden jubilee.
    The major differences between the competitions of 1962 and 2012 are “King” has been changed to “Monarch” to include women and the first prize in 2012 is a cool $500,000.00. A nice half million dollars!
    For several months, EVERYBODY’S conducted polls and interviewed calypsonians and fans to determine the Number One Calypsonian in Trinidad & Tobago during the last 50 years and the Number One Calypso Hit. The findings are in EVERYBODY’S Jamaica-Trinidad & Tobago Special 50th Anniversary of Independence Edition, Part I. —

    What are the Top 10 Road March tunes of Trinidad & Tobago, 1962-2012, in the eyes of fans?

    1. Rainorama by Lord Kitchenen
    4. Bahia Girl by David Rudder
    7. Get Something and Wave by Blue Boy/Super Blue

    What are the Top 10 Road March tunes of Trinidad & Tobago, 1962-2012, in the eyes of calypsonians?
    1. Flag Woman by Lord Kitchener
    4. Thunder by Mighty Duke
    7. Sa Sa Yae by Mighty Sparrow

    What are the Top 10 Calypso Monarch songs, (previously called Calypso King), 1962-2012?

    1. Dan is the man in the van by Mighty Sparrow
    4. Caribbean Unity by Black Stalin
    9. Three Blind Mice by Chalkdust

    Can you name the Top 50 Calypso and Soca hits by decades? 1962-2012
    1962-1969: The number 1 calypso, Portrait of Trinidad by Mighty Sniper
    1970-1979: The number 5 calypso, Flag Woman by Lord Kitchener
    1980-1989: The number 4 calypso, The Hammer by David Rudder
    1990-1999: The number 1 calypso, Dollar Wine by Colin Lucas
    2000-2012: The number 2 calypso, Stranger by Shadow

    What are the Top 50 Calypso and Soca hits based on social/political commentaries, wit and smut? 1962-2012
    Number 1, Progress by King Austin
    Number 26, Wanted Dead or Alive by Mighty Sparrow
    Number 1, Love in the cemetery by Lord Kitchener
    Number 4, Too young to soca by Mashal Montano
    Number 3, My Pussin by Lord Kitchener

    Who are the Top 50 Calypso and Soca Artistes of Trinidad & Tobago, 1962-2012?
    1 The Mighty Sparrow
    2 Lord Kitchener
    6 Machal Montano
    42 Sundar Popo
    50 Rootsman

    The get the entire and complete listings visit: Get the edition in digital format for US$1.50


    Sunday, August 26: Opening Night and Trinidad & Tobago 50th Independence Anniversary Salute. VIP Reception & Show, $55; Show only $45; starring Sparrow and Calypso Rose

    Monday, August 27: Ladies Nite and Two on One Ticket; $55 admits 2 persons; starring Sugar Aloes, Sexy Suzy and others.

    Tuesday, August 28 World Soca Monarch Semifinals & Fan Appreciation Nite; $20; over 20 soca stars have entered.

    Wednesday, August 29: Toast to Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica 50th independence; $45; starring Becket, Dance Master of Jamaica; Singing Sandra and many more artistes.

    Thursday, August 30 World Soca Monarch Finals when 10 artistes compete for the World Soca Monarch title; $30

    Friday, August 31: Trinidad & Tobago Independence Nite; $50; starring Shadow, King Swallow and other superstars.

    Saturday, September 1: Independence Fete; $50 starring Lord Nelson; Duane O’Conner, the 2012 National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago and others


    Sunday, August 26: Opening Night and Trinidad & Tobago 50th Independence Anniversary Salute. VIP Reception & Show, $55; Show only $45; starring Sparrow and Calypso Rose

    Monday, August 27: Ladies Nite and Two on One Ticket; $55 admits 2 persons; starring Sugar Aloes, Sexy Suzy and others.

    Tuesday, August 28 World Soca Monarch Semifinals & Fan Appreciation Nite; $20; over 20 soca stars have entered.

    Wednesday, August 29: Toast to Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica 50th independence; $45; starring Becket, Dance Master of Jamaica; Singing Sandra and many more artistes.

    Thursday, August 30 World Soca Monarch Finals when 10 artistes compete for the World Soca Monarch title; $30

    Friday, August 31: Trinidad & Tobago Independence Nite; $50; starring Shadow, King Swallow and other superstars.

    Saturday, September 1: Independence Fete; $50 starring Lord Nelson; Duane O’Conner, the 2012 National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago and others

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  • Canada to experience Junior Kelly at FestCaribbean and Ottawa Rhythm Festival

    Having done quite a few shows in the United States in the past two months, reggae singer, Junior Kelly will now stretch across the border into Canada as he continues his quest to thrill his North American fans.
    “Canada has been clamoring for Junior Kelly,” explained Tasz Smith of Triple T Productions.”We have been collaborating with promotional teams across Canada to work out suitable dates and everything has finally jelled. Interestingly, things have worked out in such a way that Kelly will be doing two festivals two consecutive weekends — August 25 and September 1,” Smith added.
    Saturday, August 25, will see Junior Kelly as one of the headline acts for FestCaribbean, being staged in Brantford, Ontario.
    A truly Caribbean event, the show also features calypso/soca giant, David Rudder, alongside Mello G, Colour Quest, Chris Jackson and Dance Migration.
    The following Saturday, September 1, Junior Kelly will represent at the inaugural Ottawa Rhythm Festival. An outdoor music event, the festival is celebrating the best in Caribbean, Latin and Soul music from around the world.
    According to the organizers, the Ottawa festival is designed to showcase island flavours of entertainment and blend together quality music, food, and sport for the benefit of the Ottawa-Gatineau community.
    For this inaugural year, the festival will commemorate the Jamaican and Trinidadian 50th year of Independence, with special performances by its leading artists. Soca’s best loved female artiste, Trinidadian Allison Hinds, reggae singer Trilla U, the Cuban Martinez Show, Crack of Dawn are the other big names along with Junior Kelly on the Ottawa Rhythm Festival.
    A family event, the festival is encouraging audiences young and old to celebrate the culture and rhythms of the Caribbean.
    Also on the line-up is reggae act Prestige, who has built up quite a repertoire. His songs include I Am Blessed, Happiness, My Pride, Dem Wrong, Questions, What Do You Think Of The Poor and others. Prestige has toured the US and has performed at Irie Jamboree, Brooklyn Music Fest, Budweiser Festival in Washington, D.C. He has also performed in Europe, Canada, Trinidad and Guyana.
    Reggae singer, Junior Kelly has been in the business of making uplifting and empowering reggae music for more than 25 years. Beginning his career during Dancehall’s ‘rude boy’ era in the late ’80s, Kelly’s inspiring messages have always made him a standout artist within Jamaica’s heavily populated entertainment scene.
    His breakthrough single “Love So Nice” established him as a bonafide star in 2000. His commanding juxtaposition of precisely timed, deejayed rhymes and melodic singing, coupled with his vivid storytelling abilities, took the song to #1 on the Jamaican charts. The album “Love So Nice”, released in 2001, also spawned the well-received singles which brought him recognition throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.
    Junior Kelly, who has been enjoying a strong season of success, both in Jamaica and overseas, easily reclaimed his space in the US market after an hiatus and is being booked vigorously by promoters all across the States. In July, he convincingly captured the number one slot on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles Chart, with the gripping, reality-laced single, “Been There”, which has also debuted on charts in North America and the Caribbean.
    On the Broadleaf riddim, produced by Big Bomb Entertainment, “Been There” adds to Junior Kelly’s list of songs which have impacted in a huge way. Among them are the “Sunshine,” “Boom Draw”, “Hungry Days,” Missing You (with Bar-bee)” and “Receive”.
    “Been There” is powered by the music video which is currently getting good rotation across the globe.
    For bookings and info for Junior Kelly, contact: Tasz Smith of Triple T Production (917) 617-0874 or

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  • Da’ville collabs with Bunji Garlin

    Singer Daville has inked a collaboration with soca icon Bunji Garlin. The single titled ‘Touch You’, is a fusion between reggae/ pop and soca.
    Daville, who is currently on his Krazy Love album tour, told THE STAR that after coming up with the hook of the song, the producer of the track sent it to Bunji Garlin who jumped at the opportunity.
    “You know say it’s just a vibes and energy at the right time. We were on tour throughout Germany, I was doing some work with Jr. Blender who produced the track, we were holding a vibes at the studio and I came up with the hook and just shaat it and then the producer sent it to Bunji. Bunji loved the vibes and he just jumped on the track,” Daville said.
    Daville, who describes himself as a fan of Bunji Garlin, said although he and Bunji are from two separate genres of music, they have a mutual respect for each other’s worth and work, which made working together that much easier.
    Since being released, the song has been gaining momentum daily.
    “Me deh pon me album tour and just hear say the song with me and Bunji a get ‘Krazy Love’ in di streets, yu done know how di ting set, we di artiste dem can’t predict these thing, a di people dem ting still yu zi me,” he said.
    Another of Daville’s songs which has also been gaining traction on the airwaves, is You Got Di Ting (remix). The song has been on UK’s new music top 30 Urban Charts for six weeks.
    Daville’s Krazy Love album tour is slated to make stops in the UK, Italy, USA, Canada and Africa.
    “Me a pree di Grammy too but it look like the reggae fraternity ready fi gi it to di rappers. Big up all my fans and supporters, follow me now pon Go get your copy of my new album available on Itunes, Amazon and in all leading record stores. Krazy Love slap weh!! A nuh me say eno, a di streets, Fashozy fi life.”
    Subscribe to Da’Ville Youtube TV Channel

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  • Jah Van I: Reggae Music’s new Golden Voice

    In every generation a few definitive voices present themselves, with a unique sound and soulful appeal. Dubbed “The new Golden Voice”, Jah Van I’s first single on Royal Warriors Muzik label, “In My World”, debuted at number 4 on the widely acclaimed Stampede Street Charts, in Jamaica. Since then Jah Van I has appeared on several popular Jamaican television and cable stations, CVM TV, Hype TV and RE TV. His music has received rotation internationally on stations such as Indie in Motion (Los Angeles), KMT (Martinique), Hits 92, Irie FM, ZIP FM, Fame 95 (Jamaica) and RJR London (UK). Jah Van I has also shared stages with renowned artistes, George Nooks, Beenie Man, Mavado and Fantan Mojah on shows such as Camp Fire.
    Born Vanern Dwayne Tulloch, in the parish of St. Catherine and raised in Portmore and Old Harbour, Jah Van I attended Davis Basic School and Bridgeport Primary. He later studied at Knox College. Whilst working as a ramp attendant for Air Jamaica, his colleagues noticed he wouldn’t stop singing. They encouraged him to pursue music professionally. Jah Van I made his first professional recording in 1999, a single entitled “Pictures Frame” for producer Chris Knight. In 2010 he encountered Bhyrr (owner/ founder of Royal Warriors Muzik) at Anchor Recording Studio. The following year Royal Warriors Muzik signed Jah Van I.
    Currently Jah Van I and Royal Warriors Muzik are hot on the campaign trail for his debut album “In My World”. Full of conscious lyrics, “In My World”, addresses topics such as love, social, political and economical issues. One such conscious track is entitled “Down a Yard”, a song which speaks about Jamaicans wanting to go to foreign in pursuit of a better life. According to Jah Van I, who has travelled overseas and developed fan bases in islands such as Martinique, “Nobody wants to stay a yard anymore, but there is no where like yard”…. “Nough tings a gwaan. No love no whey like yard”. Other explosive singles from the 12 track album includes “Reggae Music”, “Home Alone” and “Hello Suzy”, a love song.
    “In My World”, is currently available on iTunes. To follow the latest developments on Jah Van I’s career visit Royal Warriors Muzik Group on Facebook

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    New York City Ready for Electrifying Event

    New York City is poised for an electrifying World Soca Monarch during the week of Brooklyn’s Carnival. Many soca artistes across the Caribbean have expressed eagerness. The two-night event will be held at Tropical Paradise Ballroom, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, August 28 (semifinals night) and Thursday, August 30 (finals). The competition is produced by EVERYBODY’S “Caribbean” Magazine. EVERYBODY’S has staged four previous World Monarch contests: Chalkdust won the EVERYBODY’S World Calypso Monarch on two occasions and Ronnie McIntosh and Edwin Yearwood won the EVERYBODY’S World Soca Monarch title.
    Jason Benn, a radio DJ soca personality, is promoting and organizing the competition on behalf of EVERYBODY’S.
    A panel of international judges will select ten (10) artistes from the semifinals to compete in the finals on Thursday, August 30.
    “Although New York City is perceived by some as a Caribbean town, it is not a Caribbean island. Therefore, it is not practical to stage the event outdoors; we are going modest by holding it indoors, in an 800 capacity venue,” explains Count Robin, the Calypso & Soca Revue-Tent manager. “Moreover, government is not underwriting the competition or awarding monetary prizes as is customary in the region.”
    EVERYBODY’S is giving a minimum of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners respectively. The other artistes in the finals will receive a performance fee.
    The reigning EVERYBODY’S World Soca Monarch is Edwin Yearwood of Barbados.

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  • The Optimum 6 All Flags, All Inclusive Event on Sun Sept 2nd – come celebrate 50 years of T&T’s Independence with us

    It’s always a pleasure to invite you to attend The Optimum’s Exclusive events, where we cater for the mature and the mature at heart, everytime. On Sunday Sept 2nd, night before Labor day we will be having our annual Night Before Labor day All Inclusive Event “OPTIMUM 6”. In celebration of 50 years of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence this year, we have made the event inclusive of all flags from the Caribbean and beyond. I often meet persons from other countries who say to me that “Trini parties are the best”, so this year we are simply inviting” All Flags To Party Like ATrini”- which is the theme for our Night before Labor Day Event on Sunday Sept. 2nd. In order to make your experience more complete, our event will incorporate Trini’s foods, music & entertainment, free flags for everyone; and we are even giving away a cash prize for the best flag outfit, plus other giveaways courtesy Tropicalfete Inc.

    Also, as part of the celebration, we have opened up many discounts to special groups this year. College students pay only $40.00 for this event,couples pay $90.00, plus group discounts are always available, and General Admission is only $50.00(advance tickets only). Our all inclusive event includes, limitless premium drinks all night long, and all you can eat buffet inclusive of some of the most popular Trini foods, like roti and curry, amoung other things. Apart from that, we serve breakfast around 4am, before patrons leave for the parkway. So far, this event have been unmatched, as the only event that serves you breakfast before you leave, and by far the best value for money on the Night Before Labor day. This year our entertaiment cast includes Dj Cassanovas, Dj Kg out of the Madhouse Crew and Outta Orda Sounds. There would also be a special performance by New York’s Official Rum King “Yankey Boy”, as he perform hits like Bartender, Head Nice and a new release for this event called “RUMORS”. Our All Inclusive Event starts at 11pm sharp and ends at 4am, so come out and enjoy a compact, entertaining 5 hours of nonstop action that’s hard to describe in words so you simply have to come out and experience it for yourself. At all Optimum Events we put quality before quantity. All our events have been exclusive so far and are insighted out of a genuine love and appreciation for T&T’s culture and desire to keep it alive, though so far away from home. Do come out and experience OPTIMUM 6! It only gets better

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  • Raleigh’s CaribMask Carnival – Next Week!

    Ever wanted to experience the Caribbean culture but couldn’t afford to take a trip? Well you’re in luck! Raleigh’s first Caribbean Festival is at your front and back doors! Come learn more about the Caribbean culture and join us for great entertainment and food! The festival starts on Thursday, August 23rd and goes through Saturday, August 25th. Details are below and in the attached flyers. Should you have any questions, contact the CaribMask Committee at or

    Thursday, August 23rd
    • “Dollar Wine”
    o Location – Nuvo Lounge (808 W. Hodges St., Raleigh, NC 27608)
    o Cost – $1 with flag before 1 am

    Friday, August 24th
    • “Jouvert”
    o Location – Nuvo Lounge (808 W. Hodges St., Raleigh, NC 27608)
    o Artist – Lyrikal (NYC #1 Soca Sensation)
    o DJs – Kevy Kev (ATL/MIA Carnival #1 DJ); Selector Chicken; DJ Chizel
    o Time – Doors open at 10 pm; must be at least 21 years to enter

    Saturday, August 25th
    • CaribMask Carnival
    o Location – 400 Fayetteville St., Raleigh, NC
    o Time: 1 pm – 8 pm
    o Admission – Free
    o Live Artists, Live Bands, Food, Games, Cultural Exhibits and More
    • CaribMask Carnival Official After Party
    o Location – Nuvo Lounge (808 W. Hodges St., Raleigh, NC 27608)
    o Cost – $15 before midnight
    o Artists – Black Chiney; Reggae Twinz (from NY)
    o DJ – Big Kat Intl
    o Time – Doors open at 9 pm

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  • Trinidad & Tobago celebrates its 50th Independence with a Toronto Gala on Aug 25th, 2012

    The Trinidad & Tobago Heritage Group in collaboration with The Trinidad & Tobago Association of Ontario and The Tobago-Canadian Cultural Association jointly presents “Trinidad & Tobago – A 50th Independence Gala” to be held on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 at Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, 1 Harbour Square (Metropolitan Ballroom), Downtown Toronto.

    “The purpose of this special gala event is to celebrate Trinidad & Tobago’s 50 years of independence, its many achievements as a nation, and to acknowledge its founding father, Dr. Eric Williams,” says Gloria Small-Clarke of The Trinidad & Tobago Heritage Group. “Our three presenting groups share a similar vision of pride in Trinidad & Tobago’s many achievements. We have put together a diverse sampling of food, conversation and entertainment representative of the bounty of talent found in Trinidad & Tobago. We are also quite honoured to have several political dignitaries who will be in attendance. We feel confident that everyone will have a great time, and shall experience a wonderful sampling of what Trinidad & Tobago has to offer the world.”

    Trinidad & Tobago political dignitaries scheduled to attend include: the Honorable Orville London, Tobago House of Assembly; the former Prime Minister of The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the Honorable Basdeo Panday; former Senator Canute Spencer; and The Consul General of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (Toronto), Dr. Vidhya Gyan Tota-Maharaj. Other special guests include Dr. Eric Williams’ daughter, Erica Williams-Connell; and historian and archivist, Colin Williams (no relation).

    “Trinidad & Tobago – A 50th Independence Gala” shall comprise several of Toronto’s best Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) entertainers: Andy Phillips; Afro Pan Steelband; Hamilton Youth Steel Orchestra; Muhtardi International Drummers; Jeffery Walcott , Panman Pat and Beverley Proctor Fritz; Footsteps Dance School; Juno® award winner Jason Perez; Nikeisha Toussaint; Dick Lochan; Connector; Macomere Fifi; La Petite Musicale of Toronto; Dance Caribe Performing Company; Rhoma Spencer; Mark Trinidad; and Anslem Douglas. Entertainers traveling to Toronto to perform at this special gala include: Carol Addison (NYC); SW Storm (UK); Relator (T&T); and our headliner will be none other that The Mighty Sparrow (T&T). Our house bands will be Toronto’s own Moses Revolution, and Destiny Band with DJ music provided by DJ Bad Lad and Soca Vibes.

    Our hosts for the evening will be Carol Charles and Farley Flex, with additional hosting assistance from Richard Aziz; and Harold Hosein. The gala evening will start at 5.30pm with an elegant cocktail reception; to be followed by a sumptuous dinner at 6.30pm. An after fete will commence at 11.30pm.

    Special thanks to our sponsors: Pharmasave® Toronto East; Producers’ Choice; ifreelancealot; DJ Bad Lad; Soca Vibes; The Caribbean Camera Newspaper; The Printing Press; TicketGateway.Com; Trinidad & Tobago Heritage Group; Trinidad & Tobago Association of Ontario; and Tobago-Canadian Cultural Association.

    Tickets are $150 each. For more information, please call 647-740-0899 or 647-762-2025. Also, please check our event’s website at for any “breaking news” of more entertainers that may be added.

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    Summer began with the launch of the first ever tour of Canada for roots reggae group Taj Weekes & Adowa. The band brought their soul-stirring performance to the Toronto Beer Festival in June, introducing the crowd to a medley of songs from their internationally acclaimed catalog of music. West coast Canadian audiences will now have the opportunity to experience music has been described as “the most appealing and rewarding manifestation of reggae now being created.” Their performances have been hailed as presenting classic, rootsy, tempos with beautifully enchanting vocals delivering socially conscious, thought-provoking lyrics.

    The band will begin their west coast tour of Canada with the Roots & Blues Festival in Salmon Arm, British Columbia (August 17-19), where Taj will perform and conduct an artist’s workshop. They will also appear at venues including the The Layback Lounge in Harrison Hot Springs (August 20), The Media Club in Vancouver (August 22), Hermann’s Jazz Club and the Waverly Hotel in Victoria (August 23-24), and the Tofino Legion in Tofino (August 25).

    Check the band’s website often for updated information on tour dates, album and video releases, merchandise and much more!

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  • Milage Takeover Tuesday!!! TODAY, TODAY

    Sweat Tears and Milage is the 6th CD project from Samuel Archer. Consider it The Best of Samuel Archer’s music featuring selections from the previous albums commemorating 14 years as a featured vocalist. The new album includes his most recent offering which also carries the title of the album – Sweat, Tears and Milage.

    The concept of Sweat Tears and Milage cements the return of Samuel Archer as an artist after a brief hiatus. His album brings his loyal fans back together and he is gaining new fans. His song writing style is based in bringing relevant conversation pieces, intellect and sound musicianship back to music with Caribbean flare.

    “Soca Therapy,” was released in the summer of 1998, which debut Samuel Archer into the worldbeat genre, respectively soca. Just to note, Soca Therapy has never been formatted for Internet downloads and it’s presently out of print, however this new project features two strong favorites namely “Caribbean Man (In America),” and “Soca Therapy.” In 1999 he followed with “The Return,” which reflected inspirations from his trip to West Africa. The song “Till We Do Something About It,” became an anthem for various progressive causes and also cemented Samuel as an artist with a message. His biggest selling album to date is “De Gospel According to Sam,” which resonated well with the Caribbean market, primarily the American Christian market and the European Christian markets respectively.

    Sweat, Tears and Milage features musicians: Scipio Sargeant on guitar, Clifford Johnson on percussion and Earl Brooks on Steel Pan. Romano “OneDread” De Souza did engineering and mixing.

    Samuel Archer has performed in the US, St. Thomas, Senegal, Trinidad & Tobago, including popular venues like SOB’s, (Sounds Of Brazil) and 1st Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum.

    This album re-introduces Samuel Archer into the world of performing, writing and producing after a brief hiatus. The album features his composition and own version of “Baby Girl,” originally recorded by B2K. The song was also featured in the first installment of the movie “Barbershop,” starring Ice Cube.

    The album is presently available on iTunes, CdBaby, Amazon and many other digital downloading outlets. Physical CDs can be purchased at VP Records retail, Star Music (113-15 liberty Ave), Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts Gift Store (80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn NY) and JW Records (2833 Church Ave, Brooklyn NY)

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    The Artists’ Coalition of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) congratulates the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic delegation on its historic accomplishments in London for the Olympics 2012. On behalf of the Creative and Cultural sector of our nation we especially extend our appreciation to: Keshorn Walcott for his gold medal in the javelin throw; Lalonde Gordon for bronze in the men’s 400m; our 4 x 100m team for their bronze medal run; and our men’s 4 x 400m team for their bronze medal run at London Olympics 2012.

    We also extend that appreciation to all our Olympic team managers, members, and coaches for their dedication, brilliant performances and representation of us in this historic Olympics for the Caribbean region… Congratulations and thank you!

    The success of our young athletes on the world’s greatest sporting stage is once again evidence of a fact that ACTT and many others have continued to tell our politicians and private sector leaders- that if we connect our genius-level local talent with committed resources and global enablers (management, expos) we can make them global talents. We can conquer the world. Thank you again for our sportsmen for again reminding us all of this truth!

    ACTT, on behalf of all local artists, will now like to take this occasion to implore government to implement the initiatives promised in the last two Budgets so that we can liberate our Elder and young artists to become dominant global forces- like Keshorn Walcott, Nicki Minaj, and Heather Headley. There can be no greater gift to the nation on our 50th anniversary of Independence than to implement the systems necessary to empower our citizens to become their best selves.

    Once again ACTT and the artists of T&T congratulate and thank our most successful Olympic team ever, and we join with the nation in wishing them a safe return and much more success in their lives! And may God bless our Nation.

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  • L3 Magazine – August Edition featuring The Olympics + No Maddz + Leela James + Reggae Sumfest 2012 Review + Caribana’s Junior Carnival + More!

    Olympic Highlights, No Maddz Trods On, The Soul-Full Voice of Leela James, Visiting Washington DC and more!

    Team L3 is in festive Olympic spirits this month as we receive news and updates about Caribbean athletes competing at the world’s highest level of competition. We are pleased to bring our readers some of the best photos that capture the essence and the feel of the Olympics prior to the closing ceremony on Sunday August 12th, 2012.

    Tricia ‘Sparks’ Spence interviews No Maddz, a band from Jamaica, who is a shining success for the world to see and hear. The group has been together for years, has played and performed in multiple cities, and is one of the few to say they are endorsed by major corporations. How they achieved success, and their plans for the future is covered. Did we mention the fact that they have an uncontrollable sense of humour?!

    Heike Dempster covered Jamaica’s premiere Reggae Festival, Sumfest, 2012. Reporting on the performances, and including her impressions, Heike gives us a full recap of one of the Caribbean’s best shows, and includes photo highlights such as the Emperor, Shabba Ranks performing as well as Lady Saw being officially crowned Dancehall Queen!

    Today’s music has moved far the ‘soul’ it once had until you meet and hear the voice of, Leela James! L3’s Jennifer Menster sat down with the 2012 Soul Goddess in California just before the release of her tribute album to Etta James. Leela is fun, playful, few on words but oozing positive and colourful energy that melts the most hardened of hearts. Having traveled the world with her music, Leela is one trademark we are pleased to present in our folds!

    We were on the scene in Japan for Lukie D and Iakopo’s well received performance, hosted by Tokiyas Sound as well as in Toronto for Caribana’s Junior Carnival hosted by Yorkgate Mall in the Jane and Finch Community!

    Rounding out the August edition, we tell you why Spike Lee is experiencing a ‘spike’ in popularity, review new music from Kafinal, and Hemphigher Productions as well as take a look at bridesmaids dresses ladies can wear beyond a wedding. We give you a few reasons to visit Washington DC as well as beauty tips that include baking soda. All this plus Ms. August, Kristin, shot through the camera lens of our Centrefold editor, Jerome ‘Neu Era’ Dupont. All this and more available here:

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    Vermont Reggae Festival (VTRF) announces the daily line up for this year’s event, dubbed “Fountain of Stars” on August 17 and 18, 2012 at the Rochester Fairgrounds in Rochester, New Hampshire. The family friendly event will feature renowned reggae musical acts, including headliners Midnight and 10ft. Ganja Plant and other favorites Yami Bolo, Lambsbread, and Ossie Dellimore. Tickets on sale now at $65 day pass, $85 early-bird festival pass, $100 in advance, $120 day of show. Camping space is limited and requires a separate pass (free with a 25 cent surcharge). RV, camper, bus, and trailer passes also on sale. Visit for all festival information, including discounts at the gate for a donation of food and/or personal hygiene items.

    Midnite, 100% St. Croix Roots, known for meditative sets that often exceed 3 hours, headlines the festivities Saturday. Their vigorous, weighty sound, driven by punchy bass lines, creates a vibe that penetrates straight to the heart. 10ft Ganja Plant, known for their prolific recording career, will perform in their fourth live set EVER, headlining Friday’s events.

    FRIDAY AUG 17th
    Jah Cutta
    Yami Bolo
    Destroy Babylon
    Thunder Body

    Mosaic Foundation
    Freedom Ques
    Brown Rice Family
    Kevin Kinsella
    Ossie Dellimore
    Meta and the Conerstones
    MIDNITE 100% St. Croix ROOTS

    Since 1986, VTRF has hosted more than 20 festivals featuring acts from across the nation and all over the world. A Respectful and inspirational atmosphere, along with an environmental ethos, is reflected in festival practices- under new and enthusiastic direction. These include a no alcohol sales policy, recycling and green vending incentives that promote a healthy lifestyle.

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  • A St Mary Mi Come From rescheduled to August 18

    Rain and breeze from Tropical Storm, Ernesto, forced the organisers of the annual charity concert, A St Mary Mi Come From to reschedule to a new date, August 18, 2012.

    Originally scheduled for August 5, the day and night event got off to a great start with a kiddies treat, which saw hundreds of children from all across St Mary taking part in various games, contests and activities. However, by late evening the rain and breeze led to the postponement of the stage-show, which is being held under the theme, ‘Ole Time Something Come Back Again In Real Original Dancehall Style’.

    “Since the children’s treat came off as planned, we will be focusing on the stage-show only on August 18,” Claudette Kemp, manager of reggae artiste Capleton and chief organiser of A St Mary Mi Come From, explained.

    She added that both the performers and the organisers were disappointed that the event could not take place, but noted that “we will have an even bigger and better show come August 18. The artistes are enthusiastic about the event and so too are our loyal sponsors and the patrons who support us every year.”

    The brainchild of reggae/dancehall artiste, Capleton, A St Mary Mi Come From is now in its 11th staging and takes place at the Gray’s Inn Sports Complex in St Mary.

    Artistes on the line-up include Cocoa Tea, Sizzla, Louie Culture, George Nooks, Beenie Man Romain Virgo, Glen Washington, Stranger Cole, Carl Dawkins, Major Mackeril, Chuck Fender, Prophecy, D’Angel, Macka Diamond, Fire Pashon,General B, Iba Mahr, Ninjaman, the Prophet Capleton and many more.

    Each year, the proceeds from A St Mary Mi Come From are donated to institutions in St Mary, the parish of Capleton’s birth, and also to schools and needy facilities in other parishes across the island.

    The Annotto Bay Hospital, Islington High, Half-Way Tree and Buff Bay Primary schools are among the beneficiaries of this year’s event. Included among the past beneficiaries are Mothers In Crisis, Oberlin High School, the Port Maria Hospital and many others.

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  • Live Breathe Survive Fashion Showcase and Charity Event

    “Live, Breathe, Survive”, a fashion and art showcase will be held on Saturday August 11th, 2012 at 8PM located at the ZAHZO gallery in Chelsea. The event is dedicated in the memory of Margo Bassett and Joseph Pugh and proceeds from the event will be donated to the American Cancer Society to aid in care and research for cancer patients. The charity event will feature New York’s emerging apparel and jewelry designers launching new collections. Amongst the featured models are America’s Next Top Model contestant, Giselle Samson and Wilhelmina model Ayan Elmi.

    Event partner, The Caring Canvas Project is a premier traveling art gallery that highlights the best contemporary artists on the East Coast, such as famed Cuban artist Josignacio. Laura Brunetti’s “Art from the Heart” Angel anthology consists of paintings she customizes for those whose loved ones are coping with challenges in their lives.

    Live…Breathe…Survive Fashion and Art Showcase is sponsored by Medea Vodka, Artistic Tile, Sasha Jewels, OPI, Alex + Ani, and Affairs Afloat just to name a few.

    Live, Breathe, Survive
    There are over 1,284,900 new cases of cancer each year in the United States and an estimated 555,500 Americans will die from cancer, corresponding to 1,500 deaths per day. Jade Seaberry, the event producer is a publicist with boutique public relations agency Cordelia Donovan Inc. Her father, Joseph Pugh and grandmother, Margo Bassett met untimely deaths due to cancer. Through her loss, Jade has become an advocate for cancer research and created the charitable event to raise awareness to the important cause. The revenue raised will be donated in memory of Jade’s family members. For more information, please visit

    Laura Brunetti, Founder of The Caring Canvas Project
    Laura Brunetti, a New Jersey native artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, from a prominent family in real estate development and the horseracing world. This artist has shaped her artistic endeavors and created “The Caring Canvas” which helps charities raise funds through art. Laura hosts charitable events and donates her artwork to their auctions. Laura’s art has attracted media excitement and interest from prospective high profile real estate moguls and tenants, financiers, socialites, politicians, corporate executives, and celebrities. The Caring Canvas Project also provides a free art program for at-risk youth and mental health consumers to mentor, inspire, and give hope through art expression. Her intrinsic creativity, open mind and loving heart connects with people all over the world and reawakens HOPE.

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  • Chicago Video Salutes Jamaica’s 50th + Barrington Levy Rescheduled to October 18!

    Martin’s International Salutes Jamaica on 50th Year of Independence
    Martin’s International is proudly celebrates Jamaica’s 50th Year of Independence. On August 6, 1962 Jamaica became an independent nation from Great Britain. Jamaica has given world 50 years of excellence including reggae music and today in 2012 Olympics Jamaica has given the world the fastest man (Usain Bolt) and the world’s fastest woman (Sherry-Ann Fraser-Pryce).
    Congratulations Jamaican’s worldwide on this great achievements.
    Watch the video footage Chicago celebrations of Jamaica’s 50th in Daley Plaza (August 1, 2012) and in Evanston (August 5, 2012).

    Barrington Levy in Chicago October 18!

    Due to Barrington Levy’s visa issues, the Barrington Levy event on Thursday, August 9th has been re-scheduled for October 18th.
    note Previously purchased tickets will still be honored on Oct. 18th. Visit The Shrine in Chicago. (2109 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago)

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  • CTO celebrates Caribbean athletes’ success at Olympics

    The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the region’s tourism development agency, joins the rest of the Caribbean in celebrating our athletes’ success in the 2012 Olympics. We are particularly proud of the achievements of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who became the first woman in 16 years to successfully defend the 100 metres title, and Usain Bolt, who took another giant step on his journey to being a legend, by retaining his 100 metres title in an Olympic record.

    Their feat, together with the silver medal won by Yohan Blake, also of Jamaica, is even more satisfying as it comes at a time when Jamaica is celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence. It has also strengthened Jamaica’s position as the world’s top track and field nation – an amazing accomplishment for a young nation of fewer than three million people.

    We join the region in celebrating the success of Kirani James, the Grenadian teen whose win in the 400 metres has warmed our hearts. We honour silver medallist, Santos Luguelin of the Dominican Republic and bronze medallist, Gordon Lalonde of Trinidad and Tobago, who, together with Kirani, gave the Caribbean a clean sweep in the 400.

    We salute too, Cuba’s Yarisley Silva, who captured silver in the pole vault; Idalys Ortiz (gold ), Yanet Bermoy Acosta (silver) and Asley Gonzalez (silver), all in judo; silver medallist Ivan Cambar Rodriguez in weightlifting; and Mijain Lopez Nunez who won gold in Greco-Roman wrestling; the Dominican Republic’s Felix Sanchez who won gold in the 400 metres hurdles; and Venezuela’s Ruben Limardo Gascon’s gold in fencing.

    They all have made their countries and our region proud. The Caribbean has produced some exceptional sports persons over the past several decades, and these ambassadors continue to represent us well.
    Over the remaining days of these Olympics, there’s high expectation that the Caribbean athletes will continue to do well, will wow the world, and will win more medals. We will cheer them along, even from a distance.

    So Happy 50th Jamaica and congratulations to all our athletes. We celebrate your success, even when you do not medal.

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  • Europe Targeted By Trinidad Reggae Crooner for Next Major Release

    Aaron Marquez is one of T&T’s rising reggae acts and on the heels of news that he will be opening for reggae royalty on August 30 in Trinidad in a concert dubbed, House of Marley, comes information that he is set to create a video for his latest release- a track called, Sweetest Memory. The thing is, the song is being released especially for the House of Marley concert and by the look of things, Marquez is gearing up to leave a lasting impression at month’s end.

    Sweetest Memory is carded to be released at the end of this week and according to PengCo Music’s Randal Alexander who doubles up as co-producer alongside VCE productions, and manager for Marquez, the track epitomizes that feel-good, loving reggae vibes of years gone by, fused with a contemporary sound that the team is certain, will be thoroughly enjoyed by music lovers. “ We did this one especially for the concert and we are really looking forward to a high level of support from the men who make the music matter across the board,” said Alexander who penned the track’s lyrics with Marquez. A team of young producers from St. Lucia called CreedKool is producing the video; they were responsible for the supporting video for the Kush Medley, which was done last year. That riddim was produced by PengCo Music and also featured Marquez with his single, That Smell. Alexander said he decided to give the youths another opportunity to show off their skills, a remark that reiterates his continued support for blossoming talent in the entertainment arena.

    Amid the imminent release of the single this week, Marquez is working hard, laying new tracks in the studio. Alexander said the team already has four songs ready for release, following Sweetest Memory and assured that their promotional team is working hard to ensure that all music from Marquez is distributed strongly across the European market. “ We’re going hard with this single. We’ll be releasing everywhere in Europe and we’re anticipating a strong show of support out there,” said Alexander. Sweetest Memory is also said to feature the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago- the steel pan, letting it be known, according to Alexander that the production is merely a taste of what the twin island republic has to offer.

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  • MACHEL MONTANO and BEENIE MAN – CHAMPION – 2012 DOWNLOAD NOW – Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Journey & 50 Years of Independence

    : If you were to look on a map, the Caribbean seems to be but a smattering of islands making up a slim archipelago between North and South America. However, when you encounter its people, the irrepressible spiritual fusion of warmth, magnetism, and vitality that flows naturally through their souls, immediately infuses the atmosphere. It is this unstoppable energy that is currently turning the 2012 London Olympics upside down, and also what inspired Beenie Man and Machel Montano to come together in order to pay tribute in song, to all the inhabitants of these beautiful sun-kissed lands. “Champion”, the second single off of the Going For Gold album, comes in the midst of the regional euphoria following the recent amazing Caribbean medaling spree by Jamaica in the 100m sprint, together with Grenada, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad & Tobago in the 400m race.

    The track was produced by Damien Leroy professionally known as DJ Ammo, whose skills gained him mainstream success in 2010 and 2011, when he co-produced, back-to-back, the multiplatinum singles The Time (Dirty Bit) and Just Can’t Get Enough with musical icon Will. I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas. These singles both peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. DJ Ammo was also the producer of Sean Paul’s song “Touch the Sky”.

    Working alongside him was a powerful Caribbean contingent including from Trinidad and Tobago, the original writing team, FullBlown Entertainment beside Peter ‘Wildfire’ Noel also with Kasey Phillips, who produced the original music from “Mr. Fete” used in this song. In addition there was Rondell ‘Speedy’ Teggaregg, who created the dance remix, Andrew ‘Hitz’ Phillip from Grenada along with Martin ‘Mice’ Raymond of Champion Sound Studio in T&T, and Noel Cadastre originally from St. Lucia now working as an engineer in hip hop star Drake’s camp.

    This tune is a true reflection of the majestic champion spirit that lives in each of the athletes who represented our entire region. Its celebratory vibe also mirrors the excitement and pride being experienced this year, as both Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago revel in the tremendous strides they have made in their first 50 years of independence.

    Also be sure to look out for the Mr. Fete versions soon to come, which will be co-produced by DJ Poet aka Poet Name Life, the current official DJ for the Black Eyed Peas. His resume includes two Grammy nominations that represent his exceptional abilities as a producer, songwriter, and remixer on the world music stage. He was also the co-producer of the chart- topping hit Boom Boom Pow on the Black Eyed Peas’ last album, The E.N.D as well as a co-writer for “Rock That Body”, also found on the same album.

    This remarkable endeavor was all brought to fruition by Machel Montano, Beenie Man, and Dana Shayegan, who is an online content production specialist and social media and integrated marketing consultant, with a passion for new music and also the development of the sound of the Caribbean.

    As T&T rejoices in 50 years of independence, “Champion” is a signal of the many wondrous things to come in the next 50 years for the developing sound of the Caribbean and Soca music as it is poised to influence the world through remarkable collaborations such as this.

    Our numbers may be small but as our Champions show, we the people of the Caribbean can stand proudly with the rest of the world, as we are mighty in heart, talent, and strength.

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  • Stein Steams Up the Summer, Launches Website & Shoots New Video

    Jamaican dancehall artist Stein steams up the summer with the launch of his sleek new website,
    The official site is Stein’s direct link for media, bookings, radio and DJ drops, and dubplate requests. It also connects his audience directly with all his social sites. But mainly, the website offers up his catalog of music, with all songs titled and in one place, for the first time.

    Stein also recently shot the video for his latest single, “Wheel It Off,” produced by Chimney Records on their Money Box Riddim. The video is directed by Stein’s long-time video collaborator, Andre “Silence” Dixon, and is set against the tantalizing backdrop of Miami Beach, Florida.

    “I’ve been back in Jamaica recording music day and night for my debut album, All Or Nothing, due out early next year,” reveals Stein. “I took a brief break to shoot a video because sometimes you need the visuals in addition to radio support. So I’m trying to get my music out there to the fans, in every way I can.”

    This has proven to be a sizzling summer for Stein. Earlier this summer, he embarked on a U.S. promo tour in the New York, Boston, and Connecticut areas, blazing his brand and building his name with the masses. He also joined hip-hop heads such as Maino on a New York City school tour, to spread the message of peace to high school students. Stein now plans to extend his outreach to students in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.

    For more information on Stein, visit or follow his mission at,, and For all requests, please contact FOX FUSE at 1-212-300-3813 or

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    Vermont Reggae Festival (VTRF) announces the line up for this year’s event, dubbed “Fountain of Stars” on August 17 and 18, 2012 at the Rochester Fairgrounds in Rochester, New Hampshire. Under new management, the family friendly event will feature renowned reggae musical acts, including headliners Midnite and 10ft. Ganja Plant and other favorites Yami Bolo, Lambsbread, and Ossie Dellimore. Event producers are working with Rochester Fairgrounds owner to present Earth-¬‐friendly vendors and artists that reflect a vibrant atmosphere of mindful and progressive living-¬‐ bringing a roots vibe to all of New England! Tickets on sale now at $85 early-¬‐bird, $100 advance, $120 day of show. Camping space is limited and requires a separate pass (free with a 25 cent surcharge). RV, camper, bus, and trailer passes also on sale. Visit for all festival information.

    Midnite, 100% St. Croix Roots, known for meditative sets that often exceed 3 hours, headlines the festivities Saturday. Their vigorous, weighty sound, driven by punchy bass lines, creates a vibe that penetrates straight to the heart. 10ft Ganja Plant, known for their prolific recording career, will perform in their fourth live set EVER, headlining Friday’s events. The legendary Vermont natives and VTRF co-¬‐founders Lambsbread will return with a well-¬‐nurtured blend of danceable roots reggae. Other featured artists include Yami Bolo, Ossie Dellimore, Jah Cutta, Kevin Kinsella, Thunder Body, Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets, Brown Rice Family, Soulshot, Destroy Babylon, Mosaic Foundation, Saylyn, Freedom Ques, Barika, and Meta and the Cornerstones and many more to celebrate the joy of music and life with the most Irie people in the Northeast.

    Since 1986, VTRF has hosted more than 20 festivals featuring acts from across the nation and all over the world. From headline acts to cover bands, VTRF reaches into the hearts of the young and old as they celebrate the steady beat of life. A Respectful and inspirational atmosphere, along with an environmental ethos, is reflected in festival practices-¬‐ under new and enthusiastic direction. These include a no alcohol sales policy, recycling and green vending incentives that promote a healthy lifestyle.

    ##### Calendar Listing

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  • Golden Krust Show ‘Krazy Love’ & Da’Ville New Jersey Album Release Party at Island Breeze 8/3/2012

    Reggae/Pop star Da’Ville alongside Golden Krust and Newark Liberty International Airport kicks off the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica-Trinidad Independence with Krazy Love during their week long customer appreciation celebration.

    The celebration begins on Friday August 3rd from 11am – 2pm at Golden Krust’s Juice Bar located in terminal A at the Newark International Airport with a free concert performance by reggae crooner Da’Ville; well known for his classical hit “On My Mind”. Da’Ville will perform hits from his recently released album entitled “Krazy Love”, which will be available for purchase. Da’Ville will also be available for photos and autograph signings.

    Golden Krust will offer several customer benefits during this occasion primarily through their juice bar located in Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport. Customers can sample and purchase all natural juices and ice-cream. All airport employees will receive a 50% discount off their juice bar purchases between 11am – 2pm.
    The celebration will continue at Golden Krust Restaurant’s Lyons Avenue Newark NJ branch with a Family Fun Day on Sunday August 5th.

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  • Controversy Rhythm Driven Album link

    DJ’s/Disc Jocks & Music Fraternity Members; The link of the must have Album” / is broadcasting at 320kbps with eighteen tracks plus instrumental completing the “Controversy Rhythm Driven Album”.


    1. I WISH – SHELLY J
    10. IMAGE – MR. LUXUS

    Title: Controversy Rhythm Driven
    Executive Producer: Richard Williams
    Producer: Glenford”Hulk” March / Johnathan “JJ” March
    Label: Cash Global Records
    A&R: R, Williams / T, Ernie
    Mixed: Dj Weedseed / Dj Rush
    Mastered: Reflex Music Lab
    Rhythm: controversy Rhythm
    Publicist: Maria Jackson, Noel Mackenson,
    @ Cash Global Publishing Inc (Socan)

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