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The tourism industry’s rising stars will seek to prove that they can make a valuable contribution to tourism’s sustainability and development through creative programmes. Six teams of Caribbean students from five participating Caribbean and United States universities square off in a Student Colloquium at which they challenge each other on tourism sustainability issues in a free-style presentation format. For the second straight year, a youth component targeting the “Rising Stars in the Tourism Industry” has been included in the programme for Caribbean Week in New York. The colloquium aims toRead More

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CaribbeanTales 2012 New York Shorts Showcase

CaribbeanTales New York Shorts Showcase CaribbeanTales is delighted to present some the best new films from around the region during Caribbean Week, on June 5, at 8pm, at the Marriott Marquis The Caribbean Diaspora’s most dynamic film festival group — with bases and events in Toronto, Barbados, and New York, and partnerships across the region and the globe — celebrates the unique voice of the Caribbean in all its shapes, incarnations and diversity, including culture, comedy, animation, sci-fi, diaspora stories, stories of cultural identity and multicultural relationships. Pothound Christopher GuinessRead More